Nakuru gangs: silver teeth meaning

In Nakuru this ‘confirm’ odi gangs reign terror much more worse than Nairobi gangs in my opinion; WaTz and Wa Ronda are the main rival gangs. All from the same neighborhood separated by a Tarmac road . The side of the road you live determines your gang affiliation.
Number of silver teeth = number of kills …allegedly

Confirm gang we’re initially mpesa scammers ala Mulot mboiz, and they we’re ghetto superstars in their own right. They were heavy spenders in Jug Daniels joints, expensive drip, lived in nice slum scrapers and had ‘ghetto fabulous hood rats’. :D:D:D

Then the local ngeta boys, house breakers and typical petty criminal riff raff started reffering to themselves as Confirm Gang. The original confirm guys are now small business owners and not the violent criminals nowadays reffered to as Confirm.

Huyo mboy ame snitch, uniskia hizo swali bwana OCS ana uliza towards the end of the vid and he nods his head in the affirmative.

Just listening to D minus talk, unajua tu huyu jambazi akipelekwa kortini kesi itaanguka. Mara ati he is the gang leader, mara ati they were transporting a human head in a paper bag, mara ati 4 aluminium teeth equals 4 kills, tucker tucker sana. All this sounds like innuendos and guess work, i doubt they have a shred of proof or evidence.

Mauki family ndio walikuwa gangsters wa kweli Wadau.
Walituvamia hadi kwa Ile kijiji ya Wanderi mpaka tukaingiza baridi :smiley:

hehe, ati criminals are now ‘small business owners’?

Gangs in South America also operate with such rituals. Some tatooes show the number of people you have killed. Initiation is conditional to at least one murder

:D:D:D Si ni ukweli. Wamefungua jaba and shisha bases, wines and spirits alafu pia mpesa outlets. Hizo mpesa ni ‘transact at your own risk, management is not liable blah blah blah’ :D:D:D