Nakumatt you're not alone.

Your moma ought to know his son is as stupid as a maggot …first election were held in 2013… Secondly i pay him my taxes so he has an obligation to serve me thirdly u suck whent it comes to thinking… foolish moron

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very true… my 2 cents though

  1. The new constitution has a high recurrent expenditure and i believe, the current president knows that and thats why he was the 1st to commend the SRC when they did a review of the salary scales esp for elective posts. Honest;y, that concern was there during the period 2013-2017. Unfortunately, as a govt you have to borrow lots pf money so that the development agenda will boost your re-election.

  2. The counties as much as they are good, county administration has really lacked the real ability to utilise this opportunity to deliver for wanjiku regardless of areas, urban status, etc.

  3. To me, am expecting the incoming govt (both counties & national) will be able to set proper regulations with the help of the assemblies to enable at least positive growth in all the different sectors of the respective govts.

this allure of easy money/corruption is a very mutative culture. Case in point to support your claim…

When Huduma center came, they eliminated the duration of the bureaucracy that was in govt institutions. They knew pple were impatient and a small hint that the process itaharakishwa would make even a class 1 kid do anything to avoid the anguish of waiting. Now even with Huduma in place, there is “reverse corruption”, where someone approaches the attendant of the govt institution and declare he wants certain favors and is willing to pay whatever it takes. Attendant atakuwa hapo smiling, akisema imejileta by itself…

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What taxes bwana sirkal saidia? Endea your 20shilling tax hapo times tower then secede to bondo


Ask your mother marinda yenye alicome nayo mpya alitoa wapi ndio uongea viujinga

You cannot have a gay twat and mother in the same sentence unless you are talking of his birthday, although hata hiyo na doubt coz naona kama wewe ulinyambwa badala ya kuzaliwa. Ujinga nayo!

Voting is a commitment with the one you voted for. Unapiga mdomo hapa na you didn’t vote for him, what about those like me who voted for the nigga twice now heading thrice?

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