Nakumatt Global Card

Pia wameambiwa wahame Galleria


Received that SMS too, yako ilikuwa ya KCB au DTB?
Hapo kwa kuhama court ilisema landlords wakuwe wapole, receiver manager afanye yake

I replaced mine at KCB with Pepea Kcb card.
They claim both work the same way.

When this card was being rolled out I know a guy who bought 5 cars at once alafu akadunga hr resignation letter effective immediately. Ile fraud ilichezwa na hii card usitake jua

That message sounds like your card is about to expire and you’re being reminded to pick another one, ama what am I missing?

nikienda kuchukua moja pale nakumatt city hall nilishangaa mbona hao cashiers walikua wanafurahia mtu akisema anataka hiyo card kumbe walikuwa wanakula vizuri

suckers are born every minute

Kila mtu ametumiwa hio message in the last one week

Ebu fill me in on how this fraud took place. Having a slow day.

Haiya, mimi sijapata, unless Truecaller ilii-mark kama spam.

I don’t know how exactly how they did it but when you went to pay for goods using it at nakumatt , the purchase went through, however, the sale did not reflect in the back office and subsequently on your bank account. Imagine you spending a weekend buying electronics in nakumatt but never spending any money.

But how do the cashiers benefit, or how do they divert that money

This was not cashier, Third party IT support with access to back office module

This sounds strange, how now?