Nakhumicha fires several people after scandal

Ntv is doing more to fight corruption that EACC. At least she is responding positively unlike Mwizi Kuria whose response was to attack the media.


Kuria’s open mouth would one day bring him trouble. He is a CS for crying out loud


The one good apple in this regime perhaps

The angle that picture was taken from, makes her resemble one Cyrus Jirongo , any relationship between the two. Watu wa Western leteni maoni .

You are joking ama


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Hapa hakuna serikali. All of them are certified thieves.


Do they ever recover the stolen money?

Ama ndio waibi hutumia for campaigning to be elected?

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Sasa mtu amenunulia kunguru V8 utrecover aje hio pesa? Hii Kenya you have two choices, iba ama uibiwe

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Olisikia wapi?