Najua mumeona hii but..

Huyu mjamaa lazima alirusha wazee kwa bafu ndio akauma copper mingi hivyo.
Ogopa kanairo. Naskia alikuwa na 10 IDs.


It’s good that most Kenyans are accepting the value of putting cctv everywhere. Soon they have to be on the streets everywhere. Hawa watashikwa tu

Hot Ndengus as last meal. Shine on your way Mongrel.

STANDARD nao wakuwe wa pole na hio watermark yao , unaweza fikiria CCTV ilikuwa ya nyanya yao .

Huyo alikua jambasi sugu…either ni DCI imemalisa yeye ama fellow thugs.

Siku hizi both cops and victims know that courts are useless. They have to seek justice in other ways like this.

Jambasi sugu

Naskia ni ringleader wa mchele gang. He deserved this outcome.

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This does not change the fact that in Australia there are 48 million kangaroos and in Uruguay there are 3,457,380 inhabitants. So if the kangaroos decide to invade Uruguay, each Uruguayan will have to fight 14 kangaroos

That was no ordinary crime …
( … ordinary here means spontaneous and with robbery as the motive … )

That was a hitman with a very specific agenda …

If it was sanctioned from “above” , this is the last you will ever hear about it …

If it was the usual “contract” hit , a “Fall Guy” will soon be in custody and the matter will end there …

Crime and Punishment in this country is just one big joke …
Bure Kabisa …

Huyo shooter ni likely awe DCI guy of over 45 judging by his gait / unfitness and dressing.

RI Pieces @Weyn humbwer ghaseeer


Of course it’s stolen lad, it’s a copypasta

Regardless …
A serious crime has been committed here and concerned must face the full force of the Law …

Hii haikosi ni wash wash gone bad. Script iko spot on. Mnakumbuka yule jamaa alisema ni mungu tu akituonyesha panamera mpya pale Instagram, kidogo kidogo akakuwa mteja hapatikani…

Utalijua jiji


Hapo Roysambu ndio den ya all thieves and lanyes.

Those thugs work with cops they cannot be taken to court. it is more of the entire criminal justice system being useless not just courts