Najiskia Sukari

While Kenya will continue to have many elections, losses, and victories for years to come, none will ever leave a sweet taste like this election in my mouth. Nothing makes me feel sweeter than knowing babaman convoluted every possible underhanded technique to win the seat. But one of the most audacious was the lies he must have plied ouru kinyasa, who fell to his sweet words like a horny virgin.

I am so soo happy to watch a grown man who has had a singular life mission in life for the past 30-40 years fail so miserably and measurably in no uncertain terms. The only way this victory would be made sweeter is to watch him shed tears on live TV. Nakuwaga nimechukia kiraira sana, kimtu hakinaga mwerekeo kwa maisha. Yes i know his desperate clinging to power has made him rich beyond measure, but despite that, and knowing i will never attain the level of his ill gotten wealth and influence built on a foundation of lies, dishonesty, and depravity, i am still very happy today


wooi hurumia kidogo;)

Says a lot about you.

Sisemi kitu Leo mickey mouse…

All I can say is … get a life buana.

I fail to understand why Kikuyus hate Raila. Sasa skia OP kenye anasema

Sio mambo na okuyu … huyu OP ni tumbaffu

jamaa ako na kazi ya AU na penshion ya PM
analipa stima 300k p.m., hata maji ya kuflash choo inachemushwa

Plus pesa ya ODM since 2007; ya kuuza nomination certificates na from political parties kitty.

Plus zile mbirrions kadhaa za handshake

@Micymas should look in the mirror and look at Rao and ask himself who is really the failure?

Fixed omwami

Raila atakua topic ya failure kwa Political Science students

He has tried everything and still come out second best

Asande sana

Never punch a man who is already down

That mzee needs to retire and watch grand childreb grow up. Me husema nikiomoka na pesa kiwango fulani nitaingia ocha niishi nice quiet life.