Naivashans did Kenyans proud. They invoked the Law of Moses

Yesterday a crazy man decided to take out his frustrations on a 5 year old because he was having problems with the mother of the child. He stabbed the child many times. The child died while being rushed to the hospital. Reports are not clear whether they were lovers or were in courtship to be lovers. But what is clear is the man had an argument with the lady and decided to kill the child.
Naivasha people decided to invoke the law of Moses and took the life of the murderer less than an hour after the killing of the child. Mambo ya Jesus ya forgiveness doesn’t make sense when murder is involved.
Naivashans did Kenyans proud. You kill a child, you die

The man
Committed suicide before they could get to him, he chose that over mob justice.

He got off easy but may he burn in eternal hell.

KTN reported that the good people of Naivasha lynched him. It’s true, the report states he attempted to stab himself

What’s up with Naivasha banaa ?

Only that you ain’t ALLAH to pass judgement

Ulevi wa kupindukia ni sana. Cancer pia iko juu sana because of the dangerous chemicals flower farms dump all over. But on this child killing news mimi nakubaliana na Naivasha people 100% Kenyan courts are a joke

Hizo chemical za maua ni kaa zinawaaffect vibaya. Hapa pia ndio watu wanachinja punda sana za kuiba. Na ulevi ya changaa na makali iko sana.

Adverse effects of chemicals used in floriculture.

Can’t watch it. It’s just me

these people…

No. He tried to by stabbing himself. Was not successful. Crowd beat him and then lit him up…

That man had a psychological health situation. His family is now left with a double tragedy, those that participated in his demise are also left with trauma (kesho ni zamu yao…), most that are affected will likely not be in a position to fend for themselves and their loved ones as a result of yesterdays murders, yes most Kenyans are living with some sort of similar PTS as they were born and raised up under very violent conditions and no one wants to address the issue, what does that make Kenya a country of?
Main topic on the dailies today, “Boinett raises alarm over high rates of suicide in the force
So I understand those that are casually discussing this sad case.

Na leo wote wako kanisani eti wakiabudu… Kuzaliwa in a third world country ni laaana

As a law student a couple of years back, I was attached to Naivasha Law Courts for my judicial attachment unit. To this day, I can’t get over those case files. Naivasha is messed up kabisa.

Hekaya ikuje.

Hell iko wapi?

The devil resides in Naivasha and regulary comes from Hell’s Gate kuchapa raundi zake in town.
PCEA clerics even at one time proposed renaming the park.

The same people who condemn Hessy are busy praising the good people of Naivasha.
Irony much?

Who condemns Hessy? Name and shame them