Naivasha Single Mom kills her 4 children

Ladies please join women’s groups on FB if you are struggling with this Corona virus economic meltdown. We help each other with food issues and advice and job links. It’s so bad to be depressed alone in your house when you can be supported by your fellow mamas. A problem half shared is a problem half solved. Your family and friends IRL may not be supportive but ukiingia group ya wamama I assure you hutakosa usaidizi. Please if you are under pressure sana just join groups za wamama on FB na utasaidika. Do not take matters into your own hands tafadhali. Kuja kwa group utoe stress and upate ideas from other mums on how to survive this pandemic. Hata food hutakosa mtu wa kukusaidia nayo. Two months rent isn’t what should make you kill your children.

Mambo ya Naivasha huwa ngumu muno.

Correct. Naivasha, Eldoret and Meru lead in homicides. Kiambu is not top 3. Odd

The report notes that the registered murder cases in 2018 varied across Kenya with the highest number being recorded in Eldoret.
The report says there were 90 cases of murder in Eldoret, 88 in Nakuru, 79 in Meru, and 66 in Nairobi, making the urban areas the deadliest for the crime whose conviction attracts capital punishment

Naivasha is weird though.

:D:D:D Yep kuna time kila week they had weird cases from serial killer cannibal, chaps slautering baboons selling the meat in a scheme called bamaba 50, selling cat meat, chap caught fucking a dog etc

If the father is alive I wonder…

Fathers. She has 4 different baby daddies. Firsr for the first born Alex. The older two are still alive.The second for the second born Brian. Third for the 3 girls aged from 8 years going down. Fourth for the 2 year old boy. The last four were poisoned to death after she found out that baby daddy number 4 was living off a sugar mommy. She’s given out full names and contacts of Brian’s dad who is a mechanic and fourth baby daddy to buy funeral clothes and shoes for his kid. She bought new clothes and shoes for the burial of her 3 daughters. Hapo ndio wanaume Waneza fikisha mwanamke. She’s got 1650 elec bill, 2 months rent arrears and 5k deposit with the caretaker. She’s permitted her first born Alex to sell her belongings to pay off any debts. She also bought herself new clothes which she asked Brian to keep and never give out to anyone.

My heart goes out to these kids .
I am trying to empathize with this woman but nimeshindwa.
Why didn’t she kill herself first?

She still has 2 boys.

So she killed four in order to be a better parent to two? prison?
This story has me sooo mad and sad at the same time.
Imagine those kids final moments? Did they cry out for help as the mom stood by watching them die? Did the poison hit empty stomachs? Did it finally dawn on them that they were being murdered by their own mother? …Aiiii ni huruma na uchungu.
I can’t empathize with this woman but I hope the kids are truly in a better peaceful place.
They didn’t deserve this.