Naivasha, Naivasha, NAIVASHA

Warembo siku hizi ni bhangi gani wanavuta? Having a Dota in this era. Stress tupu.

usiblame bhangi, blame wazazi

Mzazi hawezi kubeba kwa mgongo. This are not kids.

tulisema hatulipi dowry

Mtoto umleavyo ndivyo akuavyo

Exactly why we need our traditional cultural values reinstated sooner rather than later.
Those fine men from the Ngomi religious sect would not tolerate this kind of behaviour and it starts and ends with controling the female of the species in any good society. The custodians and nurturers of the offspring. And if female circumcisions works ,it has to be adopted.

Those gals gotta be good at something. But on a serious note, we’ve got a problem.

Was waiting to see a video Bana, hizi story telling kama literature class za high school hapana tambua ghassia.

Wacha ma thot wafanye kazi yao. Huyu anajua she belongs to the streets, kula city ukipotea.

Circumcision reduces pleasure. Do you want people who feel nothing in bed Kabuda Sema ukweli Hutaki soundtrack na convulsions?

I thought you were a strong advocate for sex being exclusively for reproduction and not for pleasure?
So the moment you feel the slightest tingle of horniness your Christian values go through the window?..
I think that our forefathers knew what they were doing when they circumcised women.
You lot cannot be trusted to control your urges which is the main cause of all the ills in our society today.
For the soundtrack and convulsions, hizo you women have been faking them for so long we can’t even tell the real ones from the fake ones.

If you have a problem making women convulsed don’t project your libido problems on me, women and Christian values. Just drink Enzoy that is if you are married otherwise concentrate on your down low activities.

Go read the Bible very well there’s nowhere it says it’s for reproduction. The only thing it forbids is sex with people who you are not married to. And gey community. Just Google first b4 commenting on the Bible which you have never read.

Fake it till you make it. You are a lousy ferk if your wife has to fake it. Don’t blame external factors, shida ni wewe kama mwanaume.

Malissa hio Kapoti kabsaaa:D:D:D:Di had a kuyo gal friend kitambo. When she used to come to my place, angenipatia bj in case ananyesha but the Enigma haezi cum akipewa bj, anaconda lazima ilale ndani. After bjing for like 30minutes ananishow tu live maze jaw imeganda. Then anasema nidinye madhayo coz ananyesha. Can you believe the Kiambu biatch used to moan nikisugua thayo na mzee abdalla? Used to find it wierd as fuck.

Why do want to get pleasure and orgasms but you don’t reciprocate. You are wicked. Are you the one who has been controlling our urges for us? Men are the ones who can’t control urges. Even mighty men like David and Samson. Don’t project your issues on women. You can’t control anyone except yourself. B4 pointing fingers at me tell me who has children out of wedlock? Me or you? So it’s crystal clear who can’t be trusted with what. I don’t think that you can lecturer me on self control after impregnating several women. If I didn’t have self control I would be having kids out of the confines of marriage like you. Do you even know what is a Christian value when you busy impregnating women left, right and center like you are being paid. Me I don’t have those problems bcz even if we date for 15 years if we are not married, you better trust and believe short of raping me, you will never even lay eyes let alone hands on my knees. You and I are like day and night.

1 Corinthians 7:3, NLT: “The husband should fulfill his wife’s sexual needs, and the wife should fulfill her husband’s needs.”