Naivasha Hasoras Complain About Port Operations Relocation. New Town To Become Ghost Town

Win some lose some. Mai Mahiu residents and many other people who had purchased land around the new container depot have been thrown under the bus.

They are threatening maandamano but I wonder how long they can demonstrate.

Hot air and wild goose investments.
Konyagi was a total failure

There had been endless adverts on TV about Ploti maguta maguta. Land brokerage firms made a killing.

Just a question, will moving port operations to Mombasa render the ICD completely useless? Si Bado itakuwa inastore containers

Why would anyone want to buy a land near an industrial area? Makelele na moshi za magari. Its a good move. Port towns need the port to survive. Mombasa ilikuwa imeanza kufa. Some bonobo wanted to sell me a land hapo Kitengela unajua kuna proposal ya SGR kupita karibu na hii land? First of all hiyo SGR haitanisaidia kwa lolote and i have to deal with loud train saa ile nataka kulala.

Niliona ati hadi Mt Longonot prime lands. Ukiona hiyo place ni ghost land. Nothing but shrubs and acacia trees. Sasa wameenda Nanyuki…hawa matapeli wa land wana mambo

Your statement should apply to whomever decided to take port operations back to Mombasa.
It would have been wise , if one was established in Eldoret, to take care of South Sudan cargo, another one in Malaba to take care of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern DRC cargo, and one in Isiolo/Nanyuki, to take care of Southern Ethiopia and it’s environs.
These Moves, would have significantly reduced Trailer traffic, from the port of Mombasa, all the way to Malaba.
Reducing tear and wear on our loads, plus congestion. Kiherere ndio mko nayo mingi.

Saa zile unatingisha kitanda.

Ukichunguza vizuri utapata 75% of buyers of these plots are people from diaspora

Hiyo reli jambazi ajaribu ifike tu malaba…if he is sufficiently philanthropist,avukishe mto aisukume the 8km to tororo town…

From there museveni,kiir and kagame can take over.

It will make economic sense then.

I can be doing weekends to Uganda…Kuna malisafi hapo tororo na mbale.

To build low rent houses, shops and otels for low wage earners who cannot afford expensive commutes. Think.

A country cannot progress based on land speculation

Taking the port to Mombasa does not mean that they shall not use the SGR. It means that clearing of goods will happen at the coast and those who want to use the SGR, can use it. Forcing people to use the SGR is wrong.

Wanaenda a group of celebs size 8 _dj mo,Terrance and wife, wajesus family the whole group together holding dummy titles at nanyuki. Its not maina kageni anymore

That Naivasha Dry port was mainly for personal business/gain. Joho clears it at Nairobi ICD for those destined for Nairobi and Central as the rest goes to Private family ranch for onward movement

Vita ya matajiti hatiwezani nayo, hustler ataumia zaidi.

The town is a private town built on Uhuru private property

Na si mjenge yenyu hapo Eldoret, badala ya kufunga za wenyewe.

Port to port. If the SGR got to Kisumu it would have been different. Ng’ombe ya baboon hujacheki vile Mombasa watu wamecelebrate kurudishwa port clearance duties and options of transit goods movement?? Kazi ni kulamba micundu za baboon na mlevi1 tu?

Back to the 24hr nairobi-mbs rd traffic jams and accidents. Sawa tu.

The fact that such stupid proposals actually reach you is testament of your low IQ