Naivas buys out all Nakumatt remaining branches

The Nation has learnt that the chain has now sold what was left of the six branches to rival Naivas Supermarket in a deal that will see the Nakumatt brand completely disappear by the end of the year.

Good for Naivas. They are excellent debtors. They pay on time

Quickmart coming up fast.
This month alone they are opening branches in Lavington and Hurlingham.

At some point in this country, the easiest way to be a millionaire was to become a Nakumatt supplier. Ulikua unanukisha kitunguu overnight.

They have nothing on Carrefour yet… The discounts at Carrefour are crazy, won’t be going to the local supermarkets anytime soon

Their growth is not organic and not sustainable

Sokoni a Mauritius based company bought tumaini. Tumaini bought quickmart and that where the capital came from

When our wealth is looted it goes to Mauritius, Adenia, a money laundry, takes over, investing the funds back in kenya,

Conspiracy yako imezidi

Whose funds is Adenia Partners managing? why invest the funds in Kenya and countries with close links to Kenya? The managers are white people, why are they not investing the monies in Europe?[ATTACH=full]276182[/ATTACH]

Have you ever heard of money laundering

that sokoni I won’t be surprised if the real owners are Kenyans

not conspiracy but true, one major international company doing business with GOK has it’s registered office in Gibraltar, but the shareholding had another company in Nigeria,another in kenya, and another in Mauritius, it has layer upon layers of shareholding, mostly companies but it’s real natural persons owners are just here in Kenya serving in GOK.