Nairofi Governor

(Poly cap) Igathe Never resigned. So, even if 60 days elapses ,the acting Governor will continue acting up to 2022. (By selection):cool: can only be undertaken when there is no Deputy Governor.

He abdicated duty for over 2years…that in itself is enough to remove him from office

So he must be removed first?

He will be removed immediately he gets elected. We will actually sue him for the free salary and benefits hes been earning

He has to be impeached. There are grounds to do so: He hasnt been physically present in office. Therefore could not perform his mandated functions:


It’ll depend with what Uhuru & RAO want. Ruto and Sonko may try to flex their muscle, lakini wapi

wa kirinyaga alipigwa akitomba bibi ya mujamaa , na mca wakacheza chini

Elections will be in February. Nairobi is a major ODM field. Many Raila supporters will vote for whoever Raila wants. But things may not be as easy as people think.

odm lost to sonko in 2017, ODM is more of a business ,the party ticket is sold to the highest bidder instead of having democratic primaries .This method has backfired many times most recently msambweni

Wewe badilisha hiyo jina lako linaudhi

We Chifu Mbitika ndigithia

3 years of moves to get sonko out successfully then immediate anguish on the by-election, Karma. Anyone odm or kitaeleweka endorses as their candidate is immediately cast out by the angry voters. 90 days is also too soon. Badi as much as he looks like a proper man is very much Kenyatta family puppet and the entire nms budget is determined by them. Tenders and supplies.

Every candidate is trying to get DP Uncle Ruto endorsement. Handcheque team is also paralyzed awaiting Hustler move to know what to do next. One team at state house wants President Uhuru to call DP Uncle Ruto to a meeting they decide on Jubilee candidate primaries for the by-election in Nairobi, Machakos etc so that he can’t take the accolades for the win on his own again like msambweni and central MCA’s by-elections that has literary proven hustler commands all grassroots. :D:D:D:D:D

RAT knows if Jubilee runs against odm as they have said then its the begin of the end of the 10 billion handcheque.

Sonko (or at least whoever Sonko supports) will be back in 90 days.