Nairobihot catfish

This lanyes wa nairobi hot ni madem wametoka ocha na pia sio attractive. Sijui ni mimi tu ama ni bahati sina.
Any links to beautiful gals around eastlands?

they never put their real pics. lower your expectations when hunting online

I do a long crosscheck method. I save number check and judge from whatsspp/telegram profile pics and get the fine ones. Dwamits though cause why use personal number with whatsapp pics?

i do the same. save check her whatsapp. often you see same photo, and realize its same hooker on different sites.

Fuck these sites.
Once called two different numbers under 2 different profiles and it was the same bitch.
One profile was a young petite Coastal mama… But the mumama on the other side was not born after independence!!!
Most realistic site is Massage Republic but prices are exorbitant!!!

than anakuuliza, si wewe tumeongea nikakwabia mahali niko. They are dumb, how do they expect you will know its the same. poor marketing strategy.

Mafala sana.
The phone conversation huwa tayari ishatoa msee bidii.
A few times nimepata good ones though… The voice matches the profile and the body matches as well … Service pia tops.