Nairobi women


shamba la mawe. amesahau tokens tokens tokens

…aka appreciation

“Mummy look! We are famous!”


…I was living in kenya since 2000…

Hao ni wazungu wanachat. Wanatambua Kenyan chicks ni moto wakuotea mbali. Waambiwe wasilete ufala huku watarudi kwao bila makende.

Aka kakitu

Hawa warembo ni wetu banaa, these foreigners seems to have some compatibility issues, and some are outrightly naive. If they cant handle them, let them walk.
We know how best to handle them. In greek we we say 'kendu nu mwene '.

They hunt for these women in bars where morality comes at a price.

Hawa madem wetu hawawezekani. They want everything! Nusu mkate zi. :smiley: Hata usiku amelala na anaiba blanketi. Wangu mpaka anaiba kitanda and she is asleep. 50% hatosheki. Always wants more.

These Kungurus take it that flow of cash as what entails being in a serious relationship… If you can’t provide for them then you can’t be provided with the puthy either

It’s true. What kenyan Malayas don’t know is that Jungus are aware of their tricks. What the white guys love is honesty. Be straight with them from day one.

Prostitution is selling ass or pussy for cash…looking around, the line between relationships & prostitution is in many cases entirely gone…I’d check myself repeatedly before committing to some whore.

Hata sio pesa. Mtu anaiba mpaka blanketi yote na amelala ni selfish tu by nature sio kupenda kwake.

Wakisema DNA structure is fucked… What does that mean? Nielezewe kama 5-year old…

Yeap, if it’s for a one night stand bars , clubs and other social platforms will do, but you get most j6ngus come as tourist and endup getting romantically and emotionally involved with women who are out there for commercial interests alone.
Then you get them ranting all over the place.


What they are simply saying, is that the condition is hereditary, its something thst is passed on. Most of the health conditions and imbalances thst we duffer from sre hereditary e.g. heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, obesity , diabetes and such.
To curb these conditions, you need a top notch geneticist to map out your genetic make up and block or enable some function.

We all know the tribe in question here.

wasapere mumetuharibia jina internationally