Nairobi Women Rep 2022 - atawesa?


Oh God, aarrggfhhh

kuna sweep alipigwa kali kwa hio tweet . ati atapewa women rape then atuhepe ahamie county ingine vile alifanyia Mutua

Kwani she has to milk everyone, every oppoturnity. Hii ni malaaaya

That is a parody account.

She cant be serious:D

So easy to deceive Kenyans!Fake account!!

Julius [FONT=verdana][SIZE=3]Lilian has clarity of purpose[/SIZE][/FONT]Owino Juliani:smiley:
The purpose she has trained her eyes on is becoming too apparent

i can confirm its her real account

Kenyans are dumb and will vote for anyone they saw in news.

Hapana. Hio ni malaya

Anko bana wacha kutuangusha that account clearly states it’s a parody account!
Anyway her real account ndio hii


She has several accounts just like hapa ktalk where villagers also have several accounts.