Nairobi Women Hospital vs Insurance

The truth is what Nairobi Women Hospital is being accused of happens in many private hospitals in Nairobi. The difference is that Nairobi Women Hospital ni samaki mdogo so they can be tossed around here and there.

Once a hospital knows that you will pay using insurance they get tears of joy. To start with, consultation charges are higher when you pay using insurance as compared to cash.

Then come lab tests. After giving out your symptoms, doctors are able to narrow down to one or two conditions that you might be suffering from and ask for lab tests if necessary. But kama uko under insurance, those doctors will literally tick all the check boxes for the tests to be done on you. A certain hospital once did several lab tests on me whose total cost was 27k. The results came out and my medicine cost was just 75 bob. Surprisingly before I went to the hospital I had called Dr. Luther and explained to him what I was feeling na akaniambia straight that was cholera. The doctors in that hospital also knew what I could be suffering from because it was that season for cholera in Weston and the likes. But because its paid by insurance lazima wangeikamua.

Parte after parte for the hospital is when you get admitted on insurance. Your wife goes into labor and the hospital lies to you that the general wards are full. So she has to be taken to executive wards which cost more. She will then be paid numerous unnecessary visits by doctors in various fields. Sijui nutritionist, sijui daktari wa kufundisha mama kuosha mtoto etc etc… All those doctors are just sucking your maternity insurance. They know you can give birth only once in a year so lazima hiyo cover imalizwe.

Kid arrives and is included in the insurance cover. Hurray to the hospital! The hospital prescribes numerous baby friendly vaccines. Kukamua insurance proper.

All am saying is that Women Hospital is in the media because hawana nguvu hawana uwezo.

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hahahaa…what are the odds…we have just posted the same thing at the same time…

here are my sentiments:

[I]So,lately there has been noise on how the hosih exploits patients with inflated bills,unnecessary clinical investigations,retaining patients even past recovery just to hit set targets…
Yeah…so major health insurance companies have suspended (not terminated)their contracts with the hospital …sawa.
Hii kenya tunajua vile kunaendaga…the same insurance companies will “lift” the suspension after “consultations with the relevant representatives”…and will come to a conclusion that their clients can now get services at nairobiwomen hospitals.his will be after they (clients) have been promised the hospital has reduced their charges to affordable amounts…

What regular mwananchi doesnt know is that the same insurance companies have employed human beings(kenyans for that matter) in their claims and compensation department…These human beings have been on the know of those inflation of charges…but kama as a hospital you are demanding claims 200m for clients you have served in a month,they(the insurance) give you a 200m cheque…and as long a there’ a kickback mzuri to the guys incharge of making sure you get your cheque,then no questions are asked on how much you charge for your services…Sai these insurance companies zinajifanya tu coz information imeleak kwa public…but hao ndio wenye wana-encourage hosi kufanya ivo

Kenyans are used to mediocrity sana so utawaona adams wamejaza parking…Kwa wale tumekula chumvi kidogo mnaez kumbuk Clinix,the chain of hospitals that kulad billions za nhif,today that chain of hospitals still exist under the name Bliss healthcare…they still have got clinics all over the country…and lately walikuwa wameingiza tscs/knut/kuppet box ya kupewa contract ya AON ati wawe wakipeana medical cover ya WALIMU WOTE KENYA…just piga hesabu…

Mark this post tukumbushane in april this year[/I]

Thank you for breaking it down. Kenyan greed is extreme, hospital bills have impoverished many families with unnecessary treatments and surgeries just to make an extra coin. And this runs across most of the private hospitals

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You should have a drink up soon, pengine you guys are separated twins or reincarnate…

I don’t know if I should feel sorry for insurance companies or get myself a glass of fresh orange juice and enjoy their sufferation. Insurance companies fleece people everyday.
Kautilya the 4th century Indian philosopher said
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

If you can afford surgery in a Kenyan hospital, just pack your bags and go to India. The procedure will be cheaper even after factoring in air travel and accommodation costs, and you’re less likely to end up dead or maimed for the rest of your life. Huku unaeza kuwa na homa alafu daktari a-recommend gastric bypass surgery.

Very True @Okiya, Good observation indeed. Among the Lucrative Business lately after Looting is Running a Private Hospital, Once the citizens are assured of cover, It’s a deal done. While the Hospital and the practitioners don’t have a clear protocol of the charges, Especially if it’s NPS or any PSC insurance the cost will be inflated to the highest. The management and the Doctors are making a kill while the other cadres are left to suffer.

The issue may come when doctors abuse to the extent of prescribing strong medication for small issues. Surgeries for minor issues that don’t require surgery e.g. almost all mothers have caesarian section shoved down their throats by doctors even when they can safely give birth normally

I know someone who built a multimillion 4 star hospital in a remote area in Isiolo.At first I thought jamaa ni mjinga but juzi niliskia anakamua nhif 1M every week.

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That is why I said I hate doctors and the whole fraternity to the core.These days I think everyone can be one because anytime I visit a hospital the procedure is the same.
Pay consultation fee ->Go to Triage which has faulty pressure reading meter → go to Doctor and explain how you feel.Some don’t even use the stethoscope on you → Doctor recommends lab or drugs and asks you to come back in 2 weeks for check up.
The cycle continues…If I learn the tricks and position myself well I think I can be a doctor too.

Here is are some comments from Nairobi Womens Hospital facebook page

Mwangi Murimi The Nairobi women’s hospital nakuru branch is full of very rude staff especially the maternity wing…particularly Victoria, I don’t know if she is a qualified nurse, student or amateur…i took my wife there while OK, they induced her against her wishes and went ahead to declare even if she dilates the required 10cm she would still have to undergo a cs yet everything was fine…they left her an attended only to call a doc later eti ni emergency C-section…all through clinics they would demand she conducts a scan which would give different estimated delivery dates… Confusing all the time…above all on the discharge report they indicated a different blood group of my wife… She is blood group A -ve and they indicated O+…this means in case of anything they would have given her wrong transfusion… After enquiring, in a very inhumane manner they called that a minor mistake… This shoddy service was billed at 146k plus…Mungu si adhumani…

Sharon Cheruto In2015 heavily pregnant me came only for the doc to ask me kama ntampea kazi upon asking which kazi am I suppose to give He told me CS.I thank God I delivered ok and didn’t give in to your idea of “KAZI” scammers

Susan Kanyiva Cant forget 2014… Within a blink of an eye and the bill was more than 70k from just normal cough… Mara oh chest xray,Mara oh sijui what tests are needed. Mara drugs. lubbish. Sitakangi kusikia the name Nairobi women hospita

Lily Njagi - Maina He he…let me not say how I almost got admitted yet I had just taken a test as a BTW as I escorted someone else for treatment. In simple terms, I was told I was very sick and recommended admission. I laughed my way out, wondering what the hell is admission supposed to be about? Insurance? Bure kabisa. Never again

With the current wave of greed in our society, the best and genuine treatment is in public hospitals because there is no conflict of interest. The so called “reputable” private hospitals have money as the 1st priority then humanity follows. Those strong antibiotics needs to be dispensed so that they don’t expire on shelves, the theatres needs to have surgeries to service the loan used to furnish them, wards should be in full capacity to be able to pay staff etc.fortunately or unfortunately the middle and upper class citizens are victims of those hospitals

So drugs for Cholera cost you 75bob? Story of giants


Yes. One tablet 78bob and I was well.

Imepanda to sh78 tena? Umeanza kua mwongo.

Theres something called rounding off. You want to start an argument over 3shillings? Ok you win. I lied the medicine price was 78bob and not 75bob.


Don’t be petty

It’s very simple really, If you don’t utilise your insurance for the insured period, that’s 100% profit for the insurance company.
So hospitals make sure they milk it proper.
So once you’re admitted in hospital, they are mandated to inform the insurance company, they inturn send a representative with a “Get Well Soon” card, but in essence they are there to ascertain you’ve been admitted and take details from the hospital of your condition and treatment costs.

You have to be careful esp online. Kuna so many online docs and yet they are not…they are nurses.