Nairobi Water Master Plan

[SIZE=6]Raila Odinga denies launching “Jubilee Tunnels of Death”

Onyango said: [B]“That is a lie. Raila Odinga launched the Nairobi Water Master Plan and not anything called the Northern Collector Tunnel. The Master Plan was to be implemented in phases, with several in-built precautions.”

Raila however acknowledged that the plan had tunnels but said they (tunnels) were to be dug in the last phase of the project; and were subject to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).[/B]

He went on to add that the EIA was irregularly done months after KSh 1.4 billion had been paid to a contractor in 2014.

The Northern Collector Tunnel project, financed by the World Bank, will reportedly cost KSh 6.8 billion and is meant to alleviate the water shortage in Nairobi and its environs.

This project is the phase 1 of the master plan of expanding the system of production of drinking water in Nairobi presented in 2012. The project will consist of using part of the surface water of the Aberdare’s; one of the invaluable water towers of Kenya, treat it and transfer it by gravitation towards the heights of the capital.

Lie till you die!!

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