Nairobi to Get First Flying Taxis After KQ Signs Deal. Upside down priorities!!

Kenya Airways on Wednesday, August 11, signed an agreement with Brazilian planemaker Embraer SA to introduce flying taxis in Nairobi as part of the airliner’s commitment to spearhead technology and innovation within the market.

According to international publications, the aim of the deal is also to introduce zero-emission electric aircraft known as Electric Vertical Aircraft (EVA) into the transport sector.Andre Stein, CEO of Embraer’s unit Urban Air Mobility Solutions, pointed out that the introduction of flying taxis would offer an alternative mode of transport for passengers who are pressed for time.

Where will they land? Ama unashow pilot Shukisha railways

Kwanza watengeneze profit watuachishe umefi.

My question too. As we are so developed kitu tumebakisha tu ni flying taxis.

Kwa streets then switch mode to cars.

Our Turkanas are dying of hunger but we want to have flying taxis first


KQ and innovation, hawapatani.

Whatever happened to the ticketing office at Tearoom which was supposed to snatch away passengers heading to Nanyuki, Nyeri and even Kakamega from the matatus?

Instead of brains nashuku wanatumia :meffi::meffi::meffi:

Its surprising how some people are out if touch with reality.

Wewe ulipata negative 70 kwa literature. Ulisikia kitu inaitwa irony and sarcasm?

In actual fact there are two ways for flying taxis to land. One is Vertical take off vertical landing, the other is street landing and converting to car mode. Wacha ukumbavu bloody nugu hii.

Why would anyone hate on this great news? Hii seeing the negative in everything mtaacha. If at all KQ manage to pull this, I for one will be positively amazed. Think of all the global executives that hate Nairobi Traffic. They may start viewing Nairobi slightly more positively now. More business, more money in the economy, the better for everyone.

Wait and see approach.

Last I checked, Big 4 agenda was supposed to propel this nation and Huduma Namba was supposed to eliminate corruption. Guess how that worked out?

Wacha upuss! Hapa ni kickbacks they are chasing.

Uko na mafwi for brains.