So Last week friday I was arrested by county council Askaris in town. Then I remembered what i have
seen on social media of how this
harass people. One of them was
straight to
the point like “uko na pesa ngapi?”.
I knew ni Friday so ukiingia ndani leo kutoka
Monday. So I begged my mind to
think of a
quick move since I don’t give out
I quickly pulled out my notebook, and pretended I was deaf and dumb. I
wrote on my
How can I help you?
The two gentlemen then looked at each other and one said “Hii ghasia ni bubu.
Ebu twende”
The guys even forgot they had
arrested me coz of talking on phone while crossing
the road.
I was left for a few seconds thanking God coz if they had tried slapping me Iswear nduru ningetoa…wacha tu.
Hii Nairobi ni Balaa.You must use your brain to Survivs

Acknowledge the source. Meffi new villager

na huyu kawasaki ni kuiva hekaya za watu nakuzipost hapa


Learn how to properly format your text when you copy-paste using your phone. This shit looks like a Golden Bells hymn, complete with stanzas and chorus

Meffi NV

Nimecheka hata kama ni hekaya fupi :D:D

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Afadhali tu ungewekwa ndani ndio uache hio umeffi yako.