Nairobi Stock Exchange on a downhill

Which stock to buy or sell?

I’d buy more KQ, KCB and EA Cables

[COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)]Kabla ya hiyo post.

EA Cables ? ? ? ?

They’ve got a few good projects they’ll be supplying

EA cable was heavily patronized by Mwai waKibaki back in the days, it did exceptional well, lakini siku hizi hamna.

  1. Raira’s fault.

  2. Evil Society

  3. Unpatriotic Activists

Pick your scapegoat.

Why KQ?

KQ is on the recovery path as it has started reducing the value of losses it has been posting it financial year but such an investment need patience for its benefit will come in the long run but not short run period.

We heard those line over n over about Mumias sugar.

Are the figures shown price per share ama? Where can one get an insight on what shares to buy,pros and cons et al?

its listed there under yesterday and current prices. And the red is the loss it has made.

Its a golden goose.

but at least KQ management is showing signs of improvement under new leadership