Nairobi Returns Back to Normalcy

Lakini watu wa slum quarantine lazima. Hii pesa lazima viongozi wetu wakule, ndio waweze kuongoza.
No one can lead while hungry. Lakini njaa ya Ulliam ni kubwa zaidi.

people are hungry and angry at how money for COVID 19 is being spent. caution should be taken against forced testing and quarantine.

how many people have we lost to COVID 19 for the last 2 months? and how many to floods and cholera in the last two weeks?

We are fighting th wrong disease. Lakini tunajua ni pesa.

exactly. wacha pesa ikuliwe na waombe hesabu zao ziciwaangushe.
more lives will be lost in the next few weeks due to the floods, landslides, and accompanied cholera, typhoid due to overcrowding in schools which are now refuge centers for the survivors.
and if COVID 19 is as serious as they want Kenyans to take it, then we should see more effort/seriousness taken on those refuge centers.

Hao refugees wanaenda quarantine.

but vile watajisqueexe kwa hixo places COVID itasambazwa vibaya na ndio hio serikali inapambana nayo