Nairobi residents eating poison, scientists warn
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[li]The toxic chemicals are either mixed with feeds for poultry, added to dairy products, used for deep frying, hasten ripening of fruits or as preservatives.[/li]

[li]Tests on samples of foods in Nairobi have shown dangerous levels of toxins like calcium carbide, hydrogen peroxide, polychlorinated biphenyl-laden transformer oil, formalin and lead.[/li]

[li]Dr Esther Maina, a biochemist at the University of Nairobi, said the degree of harm depends on the frequency of consumption and volumes.[/li]

[li]Lab tests on fruits sold in Mombasa and Nairobi markets indicated the presence of calcium carbide, which traders use to hasten the ripening of their stock overnight.[/li]

[li]Scientists also caution that most of the sukuma wiki sold in Nairobi could contain dangerous amounts of lead.[/li]

If all the studies done on what to eat and what not to eat, this food causes cancer, this food has high sugar levels, meat causes this and that, alcohol does bla bla bla, tap water is unsafe to drink etc.
If we followed all those recommendations, then we should just sit under a tree and wait to die
Nothing is safe to eat or drink anymore.


If you want to stay safe grow your own food, if you can’t avoid processed food


Bollocks… You mean you won’t spray them,use fertiliser or any chemicals on them?

While what you are saying is true, I think we as kenyans take it to a whole new level due to greed and carelessness.
Do you remember the story in one of the local tv stations where a factory in Mombasa was dumping lead waste into a river?
Let’s just hope and pray for God’s protection because things ain’t right no more.

Best time to study oncology

Nai chics and their love for fries. Kumbe wanakula transformer oil.



I will never forget a BBC documentary where the guy visited Dandora, stood by the garbage dump, and very confidently announced that the “emissions” from that dump cause cancer which kills 700,000 Kenyans annually.



The gringos have a knack for blowing our problems out of proportion but I also think the dumpsite has the ability to cause such deaths, it’s only that we africans are a hardy lot.


Lakini juzi I had to open up coucil pipes to check for pressure problems and the rust that was in there :(. Nanunua dispenser sasa.

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Its a documentary which is a couple of years old. At the rate of 700,000 of us each year plus other causes of death, Kenyans should be extinct by 2020!!!

¯_(ツ)_/¯ but hey, he’s the white negro! Can’t argue with his science!

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