Nairobi Ranked Top Polluted City.

Pollution in the Kenyan capital is ‘beyond imagination’. With Africa’s predicted rise in population – and a constant stream of dirty secondhand cars from Europe and Japan – this urban health crisis could kill 1.5 million within a generation.

A minibus belches black smoke; the lorry behind it in the traffic jam billows white fumes. Eyes smart in the smog as diesel gases from thousands of 10 and 15-year-old vehicles fill Nairobi’s hazy evening air, adding to pollution levels that are “beyond imagination”, according to one resident. This jam could last for one, three, even five hours – last year, one stretched for 30 miles.

What practical solution are you offering?

All vehicle must have annual mechanical and smoke emission test.

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And once they do?

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John Vidal in Nairobi"

anytime i see an article sponsored by an ngo, unajua tu 85% is hyperbole and 15% is unrestrained BS. ona hizi quotes

“beyond imagination”
“one of the most polluted cities in the world”
“The pollution is mind-boggling”
“We have no tarmac left”
" it is likely to kill "
“devastating costs”
“rapidly on the rise”
“research uncovered dramatic pollution spikes”
“particularly deadly”

lol. vitisho galore and such needlessly dramatic writing. anyway, someone needs to earn that rockefeller cash. unafikiria hiyo pesa itamwagika ukisema pollution in african cities is still centuries behind beijing and new delhi?


huyo reporter hajui Cotonou ni wapi…


Unrealistic for a third world country.Wacha watu waendeshe gari,kwani hio peke ndio huua?

The truth is that the amount of pollution in this country is too much and we all know it. Look at all the faulty sewer systems polluting our soil with filth, all the unroadworthy vehicles on our roads emitting smoke, all the paper bags littered everywhere, the list is endless.

Vehicles that fail the test removed from the road.

this is definately wrong, Nairobi is not industrialised to that level

So that warrants to be number one in terms of most polluted city,boss travel around ndio uweze ku support your argument.

I don’t know about the ranking and it is not important. The important point is that our country - our city especially - is filthy and something needs to be done.

Nairobi haifikii those Chinese cities which have smog.

Go read on “Catch 22” and then relate it to the solution you’re offering in terms of the Economy, Politics, Health and put your conclusions here. Indeed, the TMT will lead demos to complain about the loss of panel beating, matatu pimping, mechanical works among others which support a substantial percentage of the informal jobs sector.

Should we wait until we reach there ?

Huku kwetu magari yanawekwa oxygen sensor. Ukikosa basi utajionea shida peupe

magari yote kutoka 1986 yanayo aisee

Kuna wale wanaitoa kwasababu ya engine check light ikiwa

You don’t know what you are saying my friend.

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Bwingwa anaishi kariobangi hawes jua chochote abt TZ beyond what he reads on jamii forums