Nairobi needs something like this

Can we afford this ?
Can we afford to maintain this ?

In short, yes and no.
Yes because you have the money.
No because that money is currently allocated to bullshit like Konza/SGR/Expressway and other white elephants.

Of course it costs too much. Kenya will do very well with a rail system on land and not underground.

I didn’t know we have Ksh2.4 trillion lying around to allocate it all in one single project in one single city.

we don’t need anything like this even in a 100years if we can’t first get the basics right. Clean piped water for every homestead, proper sewage system all over the country etc etc.

:D:D:D As expected Team China like Mr. Maina will say we can’t afford it.

But if you go through Mr. Maina’s past comments you will find him somewhere advocating very strongly for Kenya’s $10 billion SGR to nowhere.

On that day Mr. Maina said we can afford the train.

Today he asks kwani do we have that kind of money lying around?

Boss, Mlolongo expressway ishaanza kujengwa as we speak.

And Nairobi wouldn’t need an underground train because unlike London we have available land on the surface. So no need for tunnelling.

In fact a modern light rail or tram can run on the old train routes but hio ni makelele. The matatu cartel would be out of work in a few days and that can’t be allowed to happen.

(Sonko went to France started posing with light rail and proposing light rail… Gakuru wanted light rail to link Central and rift valley…)

SGR is a $5 billion project from Mombasa to Nairobi.
$10 billion if it got to Malaba.
That’s a national project you bumbling idiot.


Najua ulikuwa unataka kusema $10 billion is not alot like $18 billion but ukaona afadhali ucheze chini my good friend from Muguga.

Mathematics is clearly not your forte.

Won’t happen until every kneegrow in Kenya has had a brain transplant

One of this days you will pull a Michael Jackson stunt.

You can’t compare U.K’s economy to Kenya. Hao wakona shares mingi pale World Bank na institutions zingine za ku-finesse 3rd world countries kama Kenya.

Hapana shindana na ndovu kukunia.

Btw, it is £18 billion, not dollars. Pounds, not dollars.

Miguna Miguna had such vision

Shyiet si ningekuwa naishi London banae! Even though the weather there is fwakin dogsh*t I think ningevumilia ni enjoy hiyo infrastructure.

Miguna ilikuwa kuongea tu. Hata Uhuru alitupromise laptops lakini venye aliingia alituambia laptops ni wewe, hakuna funds.

Related to railway lines but on a much smaller scale I saw on NTV news that they have made some progress on the Nairobi- Nanyuki line.

This is good!

These are need driven resources. That city has a large population and the city fathers desire for their citizens to move quickly, efficiently and safely.

Now our city fathers on the other hand…

And let me tell you there’s nothing like something being too expensive. Just like buying a car there is always another option. If you can’t afford a Mercedes for now, then there’s a Toyota vitz type of light rail that is affordable and fits Kenyan standards.