Nairobi National Park Game drive

Has any chokosh in this Kijiji visited this place of late? Planning to go there this afternoon but before then I have a few questions. Na kama the most umefika ni kupigwa picha na wale shinny eyes (dressed like maasais) Keti---------------> usilete umeffi kwa hii thread.

  1. Which is the best time to visit the park?
  2. What are the charges (for the vehicle as well as occupants).
  3. What animals does someone expect to see ama ni tumbili tu I watch on NatGeo
  4. Is there a specific trail that one can follow to get best experience?

I’ll be back with a hekaya later.

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Kama wewe ni birrionea enda Emakoko Lodge. Very good lodge all inclusive offer with game drive included. Food service set up ni 5 star but a bit pricey

A bit pricey ndio kusema nini weka figures.


hii sio a bit pricey imeenda sana

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Yeees… but its a very good place, only 10 rooms so personalised service iko on point

100k a day??? o_O

That rate is for peak season… from march its around $500. Was there last year around easter period

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Waah yaani ukikaa one week ni mburoti umetupa? Haiweskani

And it looks kawaida tu

[ATTACH=full]79468[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]79469[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]79469[/ATTACH]

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Thanks wana Kijiji for that info esp about trailing those meffi tour vans. It was totally worthwhile, got to see a lot. It’s a nice hangout for family but be ready to eat some proper dust.

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Meffi, hii ndio hekaya nugu

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