Nairobi Low Class

If you live in Nairobi and you earn less than a net salary of Kshs. 75,000 you should either accept your fate or just kill yourself. Why? you may ask. Because:

  1. Lower class Nairobians live like rats - kufinyana kwa matatus mnaspread airborne diseases. Nairobi has the highest TB (active and inactive) cases.

  2. Social amenities - If you have kids, I’m sure they attend low class schools ama wanasomea ushago. Security is poor where you live at and you are always in fear of ngetas ama kupata nyumba imeoshwa clean. Kikiki. Matope, shida ya maji, kukwama stage tao kukinyesha, chemists mtaani kuuza dawa fake, clinics fake, etc.

  3. Slowly dying - Low class Nairobians are a stressed lot and most resort to social media and drugs to hide the fact. Add to that fake social circles and bam! Just die. I you have a hot girl she’s most probably a mtaro ama she has a sponsor on the side, STDs, etc.

  4. Always targeted - by fake news, cash scams, betting dens, adverts, fake pastors, politicians & bad politics, pedophiles to your kids, illegal brews, drugs, x-rated tv shows and ‘art’, etc.

  5. No hope for y’all - yes, taxes will soon rise and you will be the first to feel it. You can’t even save enough for the future. Times are always getting harder. I try to imagine a situation where I’d be broke in the present and coming times and I just sweat. It’s nightmarish.

Hate me or love me that the truth Ruths. Endeleeni kudhani politics is real na kuchukiana juu ya ukabila and stereotypes.

Niaje Njeri.

Niaje msenge

Life is just an illusion. Death awaits us all!

I see that you have finally graduated from the Nairobi low class and now you are earning 76,000 so you have to tell everyone. Shenzi type.

Niaje kibeti

Exposure makes your body develop immunity.

Insecurity is every where and of late Karen residents have been hit hard by armed attackers.

Nikiwa penthouse 7th floor pare leafy suburbs ya paipu hakuna ugonjwa inaeza nifikia

Peasant proverb

With a 76k net salary, you can afford to live in a slightly decent estate like south b. That however does not mean you’re not a peasant. It only means you’re a peasant that can afford slightly more comforts :D:D:D

vile fala twerrof amesema

Another ktalk birrionaire *sigh

@Mooky = meffi!!

Hehe…Wanakijiji mmeingiza mafeelings.

Yeah, Nairobi is a shit hole if you’re a broke mutherfucker like me…

Amesema kweli.

Uyu jamaa lazima ni mvua inampea stress hivo, after probably his buddy who was giving him a lift to and from work taking an abrupt leave. So he has been left to struggling to squeeze in the leaking matatus and queuing in the evening to wait for the same matatus.
Kindly hang urself mpaka jamaa wako wa lift arudi wera!

We walk for ‘exercise’

NV amafwi

That’s because poor planning allowed a slum known as Ngong to develop next to Karen.
Kilimani(the estate part) hakuna insecurity simply because it is surrounded by upper an Middle class estates all around it.