Nairobi Kikuyu

Nairobi officially belongs to the Zomalizs.

Hata wahindi walikubali wakajitoa pole pole.

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Which nairobi? 95% of landlords and landowners are still okuyus.

Mostly depending entirely on rental income alone with no prospects of progressing.

Zamani unapata landlords/landowners had 3 or 4 other businesses

Many landlords are also planting yellow beans ushago.

Somali dominance is massively overhyped there is no substance behind it


Hahaha. Sema CBD around Jamia mosque belongs to them. They have no presence beyond there until you get to Eastleigh. Indians on the other hand dominate manufacturing, construction, steel, textiles, paper, bulk grains and milling…any industry you can think of. Don’t let a few restaurants and electronics shops in town sway your opinion so much.


The average generally ignorant .ke nyeuthi can’t see it. e.g manambas/watchmen/day labourers etc cant see it.


Somali’s invest in money laundry ventures. Massive money laundry is done in petroleum importation businesses.

One big issue that gets nyeuthiz worried about Somalis is that, as a group Somalis have a plan which they have been executing consistently over years at speeds that seriously worry nyeuthiz.

hiyo kehee inafikiria kuna mtu husikiza. He is just a foolish boy who would suck uhurus penis for free