Nairobi Judge Frees Confessed Shoplifter....Tell Him Something...

There was a rare moment when Milimani Principal Magistrate Francis Andanyi set free a man who confessed to shoplifting at a supermarket after hearing the reasons behind his action. 30-year-old Nelson Chuma Okelo, on Thursday, September 2, pleaded guilty after being charged with stealing 20 liters of cooking oil and a milk packet from a supermarket in Nairobi CBD. Okelo told the court that he shoplifted the items to start his fast-food job following his job loss. The 20 liters of oil and a packet of milk were worth Ksh 4,203 and Ksh50 respectively.
Items on display at a supermarket.

In a rare move, Andanyi told the supermarket to give Okelo the items he had shoplifted.

Okelo was working as a cashier for a previous competitor of the supermarket before his job loss.

“I know shoplifting is a crime, therefore I am asking the supermarket to consider giving the cooking oil back to this man whom we have listened to and noted that he is sincere,” the magistrate stated.

This is an unlikely turn of events as in the past petty offenders have been slapped with severe punishment after being found guilty.

According to a police charge sheet, the offender took the items from the shelves and went past the cashier which prompted the security guard to stop him.

However, it was upon the inquiry of a receipt that led the security officer to note that the offender indeed was a shoplifter, prompting the guards to raise alarm.

He was arrested and taken to Central Police station where he was booked for the court session on September 2.

“Your honor I do not have the means to fend for my family following my job loss.
Desperation led me to use other means as I stole the oil for cooking chips for sale," Okelo defended his actions.

The court further directed that the probation officer interview Okelo to establish whether his sentiments were true or false before giving a final verdict.

The probation officer was told to file a report in court by September 5. The findings shall therefore guide the court in the final verdict.

Nitaingia CMC nitoke na alto nikishikwa niseme naenda kuanzisha uber.

All that public and police resources wasted then you give them a get out of jail free card.

Huyu judge ni maliar sana. Ati requesting the supermarket to give him the items, si angetoa pesa zake alipe? Kwani supa ni charity organization? Angeiba mafuta kama ya 1 or 2 litres na maziwa ingeeleweka ni njaa, but 20 ltrs he went overboard. Halafu these are the kind of useless cases that clog up the justice system. Hii ni upuzi watu wanafaa kumaliza through arbitration. Ushienzi, ushienzi everywhere!


By the way, if he was apprently working, mboan hangetumia mshahara yake kununua hizo ghasia

The Judiciary has been announcing to all, that there is free lunch in .ke. what the Judicial officers don’t understand is that, foreign investors consider these judgements and are likely to skip Kenya as a destination for their investments.
The other day, they let a guy who eat at Java go free after refusing to pay for goods and services he had acquired.
JSC ought to be constituted with people who are pro capitalists, who then can give us magistrates and Judges who believe in that, businesses are there to make profits, and should be protected from criminal acts and otherwise.



Nonsensical judgement. All thugs have a reason for stealing

This Andayi is too lenient at times. Last year he was in news for releasing mluhya flani who ate kuku at JAVA and didn’t have cash. Ati yaani ulisema tu lazima ukule Java kabla ukufe?

A prison sentence for such minor offenses is not necessary lakini wezi kama hao wapewe punishment ya kujenga barabara.