Nairobi immortal Bed bug infestation - What kills bedbugs?

I know you ain’t ready for this conversation, but zimekuwa zikisumbua watu silently for Decades! Machimpanzees wametry kutumia dawa kadhaa lakini akuna shiiet!!! Species za sahi nikama zimekuwa immortal. So where do they come from? What are the main cause for bed bugs? How do you get rid of them?

Cockroaches kill bed bugs.

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Cockroach ni ghaseeer kama @cortedivoire @MajorProphet

@Real2 Kwanza this is another Roach that Should be Exterminated with Immediate Effect.

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Meffi replies

I told you that you are a nobody to be tagging anyone in this forum of elders.

The only total solution ni maji moto. On every joint, every crevice, every corner.

Wash all clothes and beddings in hot water too. That way hazina comeback ju utauwa hadi mayai zake.

Don’t use organophosphates they’re toxic upon inhalation and even skin contact.

This is the third time nasikia hii dondoo. All from different sources. Ati they feed on bedbug eggs.

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Hii mambo nilisoma kwa hii kijiji.

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Dawa ya bedbugs ni kuhamia ghetto shenzi hii

Na kufukuza mama fua na maboch.
Hao ndio huleta hizo makunguni

Tumia heat gun

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biological warfare between kenya and France cannot be won by chasing away the poor and the downtrodden.

Majimoto (boiling water) unamwaga kwa joints za bed na mattress cloth unaboil kwa maji.
Viti uza .
Punguza watu kutembelea kwako.
Investment ni big jiko and big sufuria.

Wewe ndio zinakukula peke yako. They’re caused by letting shagz mondoz run through your house. Just place a pack of sevin dud dust at your entry balcony. Shagz mondoz wakikuja unawadust kwanza.

The benefit is they won’t leave bedbugs and they will never visit again, which is a net positive

Ingia agrovet waitishe knapsack sprayer and a public health insecticide usually contains cypermethrin, which is an artificial pyrethrin. Ongezea dusting powder kama sevin na hutawai ona mosquito, ants, spiders, roaches, bedbugs, termites na wengineo.

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