Nairobi Gubernatorial Nomination

I see sonko giving way for pk. Its like CiC ameamua pk. Ile mchezo itachezwa between now and Sunday ndio itaamua Ni nani.

Eeh !
Wacha nikojoe nilale

Sonko all the way. If PK had ran a clean campaign he would at least redeem himself into Jubilee supporters heart. However his backers underhand tactics have backfired and ruined Jubilee digital Nominations ambitions. P.S Kibicho and Kamanda bought 2 million jubilee membership cards creating doubt of their intentions. That forced Jubilee Party to scrap it’s usage in the nominations. The delays of Sonko getting his documents was suspicious linked to them. The attempt to get jubilee Mps and MCA to back PK with the promise of campaign funds also failed. They should be courting the voters not concentrating on getting Sonko off the nominations.

Really?am telling you for free if he(sonko) ever lands that seat the same system will fiix him and he will never be able to finish his term.

Lakini sioni kwanini sonko anacheswa na venye amekuwa loyal to the party…Ningekuwa sonko ningesimama kama independent candidate

Uhuru said his office is still available for last minute negotiations. Sonko must take that offer or sink. Asishindane na ndovu kunya


Huyu songo ni chinga. Alikuwa anatukana opposition leaders juu alikuwa binguni ama?

Kwani Pk ako na nini hiyo inafanya watu watwist mikono za wengine ? Guy has been under wraps for four years anajitokeza ya tano just like that spate nomineshen? Sonko may not do things the straight way but you are guaranteed results , at a kama si 100% it will be better than Kidero, this guy kwanza, ati county revenues collected ni 10 b but the account has just 1 b, hio mbeca yote na Nairobi ni chafu kupindukia, let’s not even discuss the drainage systems…

all my life i have always hated johny come late …with sense of entitlement and an attitude that we need him more than he needs us. That i have no love for the pharmacist is no secret but he has been loyal and in my court and real life i reward loyalty handsomely …

@spear, kweli politics is filthy. Ati PK is supposed to represent honesty, cleanliness, order and administrative acumen?

Mzito sonko

‘pole’ officially closed! sonko ndani ndani ndaaaaaani kabisa ya city ‘hole’.

I don’t know, perhaps you should ask him

The Governor is like the president. He is going to be the final decision maker on the alternatives presented by teams of specialists. Hiyo elitism yako pereka na huko

Kiliibio na kura ya kwanza. PO anavote aje?