Nairobi Female MCAs

I’ve just seen a mama who is an MCA in Nairobi ametoroka na Sonko food donation to her constituents. Mama mwenye we she’s very well fed I don’t know where she could have taken the food. Surely what kind of female mcas are we having in Nairobi here. Next time vote wisely.

She is the female version of waititi.

Si huyu ni yule mafirifiri kwa masho?

Hehe Kuna kunona ya well fed na poorly fed.hiii niiiiiiiiiii ama wacha tu

Sasa maharagwe anapeleka wapi? Is she going to eat all those beans. Tabia zingine surely.

She was nominated she didn’t even know ahta an mca is ! kazi ya huyu ni rubber stamp ya sonko

Confirmed reports reaching me is that One of our Nairobi nominated female MCA Hon Carolyn Mayunzu from Westlands begged Our Governor Mike Sonko to allow her help him in the distribution of Foodstuffs to the less privileged in her ward, and AS the Governor had stated that he will work with all 62 MCA’S in Nairobi he gave the MCA two truck full of foodstuffs till then no resident has benefited from that and reports says the trucks were diverted After leaving Governor Sonko’s premises to a private warehouse.
So sad that despite the hard time Kenyans are facing a nominated MCA can do such an inhumane act.

Why are you surprised by the leaders we have? Bursary funds pays school fees for these politician’s kids

Izi ni upussy tupu.