You are a very idle woman with a jeep.

Wacha wivu. I have several luxury cars - so wacha kuniassign Jeep. This is Youtube videos are my Premier League. Mukiona premier league over weekends am very busy . Kwanza if you think am idle , you should see how much I watch this mama - Wendy Williams … Ndio utajua kweli am idle but dont worry , am getting back to my PhD in May once my latest project takes shape then I can leave the idleness to you No?

So you are an educated psycho too. I know your type. Educated, rich, probably hot. But with some psychotic tendencies as evidenced by your rants.

Its never that serious good vibes its Fryday why you soo moody ---- like you should all be TGIF but you’re all up in my post bitching thats a psychotic tendancy right there if I ever saw one —hate to meet you when you’re having Monday Blues - the main reason I joined the forum is to rant so whats your problem if I rant? If you wanna pow wow whose stopping yah why rain on my parade fuckin’ get your own , nigga stop the psychoanalysis and just watch some Wendy Williams ----

We should also have ktalk whores show featuring the ugly whore georgina makende

Okay. You win psycho. You win. Have funnnnn ranting

ok what about this post is a raant even ? you’re blocked. your mother is the psycho for raising a punkass/loser like you and I dont condone insults k? Bye Dr.Freud.

This is not Jeep etiquette.
I ride a Bajaj and cannot be caught dead watching this brain drain.

I love em catfights.

Yes introvert, we dont need this, lets go and repair a motor cycle out there, sindio dude? spanner ziko wapi?

@Bingwa Scrotum bakini huku mkirant na Makende.

The two ladies fighting ndio bado wanakuwa interviewed?

The fights are staged to boost ratings. Drama is an important part of ‘reality tv’