Nairobi County Unable To Account Kshs 20 Billion

Kidero hana interest kuwa Kirinyaga governor just the same way Wiaguru hana interest ya kuwa Nairobi governor so I do not expect Kidero to blind ppl of Kirinyaga with stolen cash just the same way I do not expect Waiguru to try and blind ppl of Nairobi with her stolen money. But at the end these ppl will steal mpaka mimi na wewe with our tribal voting attitude tutaumia na hakuna vile hizo harambe wanafanya itatusaidia.

Nice reasoning…how about this, does Kidero want to vie for Kisumu governor? No. Will some of his cash land in Kisumu property? Most likely. Explain???

ONE thing brother I have said before and nitarudia tena, I don’t like kidero. Ni mwizi ,he stole from mumias… for me I don’t discriminate.
Mwizi Ni mwizi. I don’t lay myself to the left like you na jubilee… I just hate thieves and he is one of them . The only a little bit competent Nairobi aspiring governor I might like is MM.


Niliambiwa watu kama Kidero wanaitwa outliers. If a mungiki is not involved in corruption, it’s not really corruption. The poor fellow fell and his hand somehow got caught inside the cookie jar. He didn’t mean to. Asamehewe jamani.



You are talking like you have accepted looting to be OK . Have we reached that low till its normal ?

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It is called being realistic and not burying your head in the sand. Kama iko isemekane iko.

A multi millionaire will always invest anywhere there is a great money making opportunity eg Naivas a kikuyu owned supermarket is also operating in Kisumu so if Kidero sees a great money making opportunity in Othaya I can assure you he will invest there. You should not be surprised to find some of these Luo leaders have investments in Central just the same way usikuwe surprised kupata some kikuyu leaders wakona investment in Luo nyanza because these leaders do not hate each other na wanakula nyama pamoja


Shida so kusema, Shida ni what are we planning to do about it .accept that’s it’s in us to stay ama accept and change it ?

The ONLY way to change it is to become a politician. Unless you are planning to be a politician, whatever you are insinuating is just hot air. Kenyans have run out of options.

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So we accept that they loot and come give us bread crumbs or wakule nyama but sisi tunameza mate?yes or no?

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Most MCA’s from both Jubilee and Cord are in Kidero’s pocket. He can’t be impeached.

What can you do about it? Nothing. You have two choices,eat the crumbs or starve to death. The two parties are holding Kenyans hostage.

You can tell how limited a person’s brain is by such talk. I mean M2 random. Anaangalia tu juu juu.


Nilikuwa naambiwa huyu jamaa amekuwa akikulishwa na business community ya waria Eastleigh…guy is getting close to 30m every month just for keeping hawkers out of that market.

mnasemanga Billy machozi ni mwisi but this guy is playing at a different level in matters corruption,alafu ni wale watu wanakuanga cold and calculated… apana tambua ata mkipiga kelele aje


Indeed, it is alleged that just before the last elections, Qidero invested in Family bank shares worth 100M… a “shiny eyes” bank that has allegedly greatly benefitted from the NYS loot.


Hehe you guys keep mentioning waiguru…has she been positively mentioned as receiving a single dime??? Yet??,

This is what I was talking about the other day. You do not keep yourselves updated. …unataka tu kuamini ile ujinga inaenea bila mwelekeo


Brother yes or no?

@ Mr Okiya Omutata wapi link ?

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Yours is the kind of lack of understanding that no level of education can eliminate. You are an educated fool and it’s a real pity.


@M2Random you have failed SVs and VEs