Nairobi County Unable To Account Kshs 20 Billion

Toa blinders, we all suffer due to corruption, just look at medic’s strike, some innocent chap who can’t afford a private hospital WILL DIE.


There is a fact in what I am saying…do you think any of Waigutus NYS cash will be invested in Kisumu?? Do you think any of the 20 billion stolen by Kidaro will be invested in Nyeri???

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how about a dim eye who lives in Kiambu / Uasin Gishu or a shiny eye living in Bondo?


Hakuna logic kwa hizo arguments zake.


I do not support corruption. However, I am realistic enough to know that replacing Jubilee with CORD is replacing one thief with another and that is a fact. Even thieves invest part of their loot back home, and contribute to charity back home…a small FRACTION. So, the national thief better be from your town or region, otherwise your people will never smell that money. I don’t expect a cent of the 20 billion city hall cash to be invested in Nyeri. Neither do I expect NYS cash to be invested in Homa Bay. That is just a fact

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That dim eye should vote Jubilee, because that is the party with his best interest at heart


wacha waamke…

Yesu anatosha!

waiguru stole 1.6b and cordmorons created over 1.6m threads …lets see how many threads will be there for 20billion city mall heist


Mbona dim eyes favor being on the loosing minority wing all the time? kwani hamjipendi?hamendi maendeleo?

My argument is based on the fact that ALL our leaders are corrupt, regardless of shiny eyes, dim eyes, rusty teeth, yellow suit or any of that shit. It is also a fact that while the bulk of the loot stolen is invested in Nairobi or offshore, a fraction is invested in the theif’s hometown/county. Also, these thieves occasionally visit harambees in their home counties because of a guilty conscience…that is a fact! Therefore, if you are to vote for a leader, you better vote for someone from your region. This means that a dim eye in Nyeri will benefit more from a Jubilee government than from CORD, and a shiny eye lanye in Kisumu would benefit more from a CORD government than a Jubilee government.

It doesn’t go wrong, it starts wrong, Prof. Mutahi Ngunyi exclaimed.
Once Waititu disputed Qidero’s elections as Governor of Nairobi, the taps of corruption were open to the maximum. Qidero had to recover his money, build a war chest just in case of another election, and making heavy contributionsto both Jubilee and CORD, just to be in the good books of both parties.
Anyways, we are racing to the bottom at Super sonic speed.


Inaitwa wizi wa kalamu

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There are two cadres of corruption… If a shiny eye is involved, the economy will crash, we need to audit the federal reserve, fish will drown, fags will eat puthy, basically the end of the world as we know it…if no shiny eye is involved, we’ll let investigations run their course, relax people, have some green tea


wewe kwanza tuambie Kafura, waiguru na wezi wenzao wamechangia nini huko central na rift valley ama unadanganywa na hizo pesa UhuruRuto wanatoa kwa harambe.


Najua Waiguru ametoa na atatoa zaidi juu ako na dream ya kuwa governor. Niambie Kidero amesaidia watu Wa Kirinyaga aje??

It is stupid to expect to get something out of generosity. You wait for trickle down out of the investments that will be made at another guy’s will. Thats low life thinking. Altruism has taught man time and again that it does not work.


In Kenya, it has come to that. My logic is very simple. It will ALWAYS be a dumb move for a shine eye to vote CORD. It also will always be a dumb move for a dim eye to vote Jubilee.

Thats too simplistic. Despite the animosity that was and still is between kales and kyuks, they are forced together by circumstances. sharing the loot is fair(between them) not because they love each other, but because they need each other.
I think you are saying that the best business deals are between brothers, which is upuss. If a politician, say from kamba makes a deal with Luo leaders, meat will come his way. Otherwise, make one with your bantu brothers and you get to swallow saliva. Voting in brothers often gets nothing in return. Ask meru and kamba for the last 13 years because they had crap leaders who settle for bones. The only leader that is not menstruating in meru for example is Munya and in kamba is Muthama.

Baseline study…muhimu sana!