Nairobi County should be disbanded

NMS has done better job in terms of health. I have always held this opinion that Nairobi City should be under national govt with Nairobi County Authority under the leadership of Director General appointed by President to govern it and under oversight by Parliament.
Maybe we should also rethink about governors…maybe they should be president appointees over a County but they should be selected by the president from the county under consideration so as to minimize politics and let governors work so that we can hold the president fully accountable for success and failure of govt.

I concur. Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu should be under the national government. Governors should not be politicians but should be selected by the executive but go through extreme vetting by the legislature.

future tangatanga govt wako na hizi ideas kweli ?

NMS are really trying. Kudos.
Imagine if there is continuity for the next 10years? Imagine all the projets which would be completed all over the country

The whole point of devolution was to reduce government expenditure in Nairobi. Giving the national government Nairobi makes devolution useless

Healthcare sio buildings na magari.NMS inatajirisha contractors tu na wauza magari. Kama io ndio unaita healthcare, pole, umemeza hook, line, na ile kitu huitwa sinker.

Nairobi remains the capital city and most of the government interests are there despite the fact that more resources should be taken to the rural areas.

They were under the national government for decades

They are vital adminstrative and commercial locations in the country

Every part of Kenya is vital. If you dont develop other parts all people will move to those few developed places and they will turn into shitholes