Nairobi Commuter Rail Transport will the project reach its potential?.

A game changer in public transport in the region but will this project reach its potential?/ achieve goals of her preliminary plans?.

most likely…kenyans are tired of matatus…

Under whose leadership will these be implemented ?

mtu anarevive reli kusupply kokoto, its not about you.

If the public benefits, no problem.

the public will not benefit. krc announced a loss of 24 billion. the public is losing.

Bana…place unalipa 50 bob badala ya 100 si ATA afadhali niwache gari mtaani.
Iyo DMU pia inaleta kaheshima.Tz walikuwa wamedharau sisi sana

You mean you drive to CBD? I hate going to town during the day.

All this is bluff hakuna mtu ataimplement hii kitu kama konza city ilishinda watu hii watawezana. I repeat after 10 years we will all be seeing a similar more complex plan which will also not go ahead of the conception stage

Hizi slums mingi za Nairobi wamezipangia aje?

If only walainishe track and add more DMU’s

Itafika @Nakuru 001

They dont do projects for the people. It will end up badly for us one way or another just like the rest of the projects

TZ has money to come up with a better project

Utasikia half year financial report ya Kenya Railways of 2021 ni 25 billion loss:D:D:D

Rome was not built in one day bro.

Konza construction is still going on.

They have rehabilitated the entire line all the way to Kisumu

This is some high level pessimism…

Better to try and fail. Once Kenyans get a feel of good trains they wont ask for less.

Love this, thanks kamwana for trains