Nairobi City New MPigs

As per BBI Nairobi City will have a total of 29 mps from the former 17 and here are the proposed dates constituencies

Qayole constituency kwa akina @uwesmakendeste

Ferrk this BBI

we should reject this thing shida bonobos will vote for it

the only way they will pass this bbi shit is if they rigg otherwise tunaiangusha live live

Mtaangusha kitu hamkulipia, hamkuhusishwa wala hamtahesabu?
Acha niendee jaba nakam

Majority of kenyans are very foolish… I won’t be surprised to see some of them waking up 4 am to go vote for this useless shit! and later cry out loud of unemployment na kunyanyazwa…

No we must wake up very early we shoot this thing down. Mimi Niko no.

For me it is a huge NO
I will wake up 4am to shoot it down

Ongea na arap arror halafu poster ikuwe punda amechoka say no to bibiyai.[ATTACH=full]336205[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]336206[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]336207[/ATTACH]

I wish I knew him personally I would have tried to convince him to oppose this useless scam. But he is a politician and might support. Kenyans we have oursleves kwa hii. Let’s unite and defeat it by our means and spreading word to every person you meet on the street

Walai this bustards should be castrated... so hearless maumbwa

true guys should mobilize and shoot it down by actually voting otherwise bonobos zitapitisha .mimi nimesema hiyo siku lazima niende ni vote no, 'coz I believe if majority vote overwhelmingly no, itakuwaa ngumu kuiba

nonsense…but some useless kenyans watanunuliwa na thao mojamoja wapitishe hii kitu.fuck them

The VAST majority of the electorate is made up of fools that can not understand the BBI report well enough to make an informed decision on their own.

And the political class knows how to pandisia and play this majority to vote as required.

For every “bonobo” that understands the BBI report enough to say NO like you, their are 7 or 8 fools that don’t really care what BBI says and will vote as directed by the corrupt tribal kingpins

It’s a no, but pesa yenye itamwagwa ground, watcha tu

Why do we need more mps whos work is to eat and shit

Statistically, there is a 99% chance you are in the majority.

After reading this BBI I did some few calculations

President ksh 1.5 per month minimum

deputy president ksh 1.2 per month minimum

Prime minister kshs 1.1 per month minimum

Deputy prime minister ksh 1m per month minimum

Deputy prime minister ksh 1m per month minimum

360 MPs ksh 700k per month = 252 m minimum
94 senator kshs 700k per month =65.8 m minimum

Over 2500 mca ksh 350k per month=750m minimum

47 governors ksh 1m per month=47 m minimum

47 Deputy governors kshs700 per month= 33m minimum

Total = 1.15 billion per month minimum. allowanced, millage security vehicles not yet calculated

if you want to get more angry!as a taxpayer l

1.15b per month × 12months =13.8 billions per year.

And it’s not covering anything about education and Teacher,

nothing about health and Nurse and doctors…

It’s not about service providers but all about leaders salary,


dont forget once in office they take tenders and contracts too