Congrats to Sonko for the modern equiptment. They responded timely plus the personell were well trained

Sijui ni kuchoka ama misleading headline, nilidhani borehole inachimbwa hapo I n M hehe

this is what we want

Hahaha leo nime amka niki dhania ni Friday

Totally misleading :D:D:D

wacha ku mislead watu burukenge!!I&M bank was conducting a drill in compliance with the Law .

Maintenance ndio huwa shida. Mara unaskia it is lying unused somewhere because of a 50 bob bolt that was vandalized. Na wanangoja engineer atoke Germany or wherever atengeneze.

As long as the fire station remains where it is we’re still doomed.
A few weeks back I was in CBD and watch a fire truck take over 15mins to maneuver a 150m stretch because of congestion.

Hapana, hio bolt ikilost they’ll buy new trucks, tendering from scratch.
Like we do with our traffic lights.
I’m surprised Sonko hasn’t commissioned new ones yet. We get new stuff, slight fault, we do an overhaul.

What is going on here?