Nairobi Cheapest 3 bedroom apartments. How are Chinese are achieving this?

With the new expressway, staying in such areas wont be a big deal


Ukweli. You can rent a 3 or 4 bedroom maisonette uko in a gated community for something like 40k. Using the expressway, you could probably get home from ABC in westlands/lavington in like 5 min. Kama unaendesha kadudu, basi 10 min

Kuna kitu inaitwa economies of scale kijana.

It looks like the projects in Chicago.


Because most building owners are single buildyowners who have no idea what they’re doing. By the time mjengo iishe hywa wameconiwa kila kitu. So they paas the cost of stupiyto consumers. When you’re a large construction firm, you understand everything and Know gow to keep costs low. They also have burgaining power. Forexample, wewe ukiendea simiti unauziwa retail price, wao wanauziwa wholesale price na factory and they can burgain for lower price or take business elsewhere. Same for the sand, stones, roofiy, and others. They are able to access cheap factory prices based on economies of scale. Hamuezi toshana.

This is what affordable housing should be about. Govt with all its resources has not been able to do 2000 units! On the downside, no trees, no parks!

These are communist/Soviet style housing designs. They don’t care about aesthetics, the priority is to fit as many people as possible in a tiny space. That’s why they utilize the same bland design for all the units. Hii project inafanana Nyayo estate embakasi. By Kenyan standards they’re decent houses, but by standards za developed countries hizi ni projects za ku-house low-income bonobos kama vile @smokin_gun amesema.

These are not high end units so not much attention is paid to aesthetics. Rent is probably in the 25-30k range. Thats the target market

With good long term management, they are ok for buying and renting out if one does not want to live there. At least they can give about 10% returns per year, which is not bad. Ktalk birrionaires can buy a whole apartment building and rent out the units

More like Hong Kong. Projects of Chicago ( if there are any left ) were in single row blocks. Maybe two.

Shida ya mlolongo ni joto na mosquito, I once went there for an away match, nilisweat mpaka nikajichukia. Sweating enhances the hollowness of the middle.

Are they rentals or for sale?

Looks like they are for sale but you can bet alot of people will buy then rent as is normally done in Kenya

In my opinion, buying one unit then renting may be a waste of the 3 mill. It may take you like 10yrs just to break even. There may be better places to put that cash like starting a biashara or playing the money markets. You should probably only invest in these for rent if you have the capital to buy multiple units

What do you mean by ‘‘break even’’? I am sure you are using that term inappropriately here

The returns in the money market is more or less the same

Si wabomoe kibera, ungwaro na kangemi slums wajaze these highrises. More people will occupy the areas with better living standards. Hizo billions zinaibiwa na politicians can be used to set up afew highrises. Nrb will look modern n beautiful than the slums.

I know of someone who bought 5 units na Ni AIRBNB. Jamaa anaunda Doo na hours

After 2yrs zitakua slums bado tu