Nairobi businessman Ssemi Aina flosses Sh35 million bank balance

A Nairobi businessman has stirred up requests for assistance on social media after posting an image suggesting that he had a Sh35 million bank balance.

Ssemmy Aina, who waid he was seeking to unseat Cleophas Malala as Kakamega Senator in 2022, shared a photo showing the screen of an ATM machine indicating a Sh35,435,477.43 balance complete with a receipt.

Aina claimed that the cash was all his and added he planned to use it to empower the youth.

“Jana jioni niliconfirm funding imejipa (I’ve just confirmed that the funding has arrived),” he wrote.

“Now my team is working on a framework on how #SsemmyAinaFoundation can enable every young man and woman who has a vision and passion to empower others in his/her community,” he posted.

His request was immediately followed up by varied reactions, mostly requests for financial assistance from social media users following him.
Wangila Wekesa wrote; ” I have started a local soccer team and the talent available is amazing. I don’t know why our soccer talents have to travel to Nairobi for a chance to showcase their talent. My vision is to own a soccer academy and I trust you to deliver.”
This is not the first time Aina is showing off or is courting controversy.
He once posted bundles of cash stashed in his car on his Facebook page and explained that he was to use that cash to bail out Lugari MP Ayub Savula who was behind bars at the time.
Aina has also been accused of reportedly irregularly withdrawing Sh1.6 million from Kenyan Premier League side AFC Leopards bank account.
He also unsuccessfully contested for the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) presidency in 2016.
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Hata picha ya mpesa balance hauna…ghaseer

Read the story and find for yourself if the bank balance picture is shown or not

That’s a tidy sum. KRA just entered the chat.

Uyo ni mtego amewekea slayqueens

Slay queens huinbox mtu instagram if they get a whiff that you might be successful. You don’t need 35M for that.

Some of these guys do not even know who KRA is! Atajua hajui!

Mharo news


fake chieth 35 million ni pesa kidogo

Sijui ita-fund vijana wangapi. Ati “Foundation can enable every young man and woman who has a vision and passion to empower others in his/her community,

He must be semi illiterate… Wacha akuliwe na KRA guys

Hiyo statements alikua anaandika ni chieth, alikua na target group.but this consequences will be gross and severe

35m is exciting him this much yet he wants to be kakamega senator! Maybe he should try MCA

Hii ghassia ilijaribu kuleta upuzi afc leopards. Tulifukuza yeye na kmpatia ban kwa game zetu

But 35M will catalyse the reaction, yes?

He is my close relative. He vied for senate on ANC last election and lost. But we suspect he is part of the larger wash wash network with root sin Bungoma/Webuye. if you come those sides you know the main people

You are fools. He doesn’t have that money, and is using those tactics to gain your votes, to enable him become rich and have real money.

Any person who feels the need to showcase their money to the world is either a con or ginimbi type of guy

What is"ginimbi type"