Nairobi Business Community FOOLS

[ATTACH=full]130282[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]130282[/ATTACH] Yesterday’s inferno was no lesson to you!

your point, idiot?

Why timber again?


life must go on

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ulikuwa unataka watumie nini ,makende yako?

Fish market ni ya NBC


Why so interested with my makende… Am I really safe?

Was this the last fire accident on 'em… Are they sure it’s now solved? Wangetumia ata matope, hio hatuwezi shomaaa

i don’t know

They grabbed it from akina Otis or how did it land to them?

I really hate the setting at Gikomba… Whenever I approach a trader, then they utter their first word in okuyu, I always forget my reason there

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That’s really illuminating.

ulipata mteja Wa Alcatel ?ama za kwenda gikomba unatoa wapi

Business community Hapana Tambua



I had thought the guy in the combat jacket wasn’t Kenyan.

Your question compels me to recall what a smart con you proved to be on that incident

Next time it’ll be a sure send-home