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Kenya is moving to borrow from Colombia’s bus rapid transit model in Bogota that will see construction of special lanes for high-capacity buses in efforts to decongest Nairobi roads.

The Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (Namata) said that the country is going for a more advanced system than what neighbouring Dar es Salaam has.

Under Kenya’s proposed BRT, special lanes will be created and dedicated to large-capacity buses that are expected to support public commuter services and ease congestion.

Preliminary designs indicate Line one of the transit system - codenamed Ndovu - will run from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) through Mombasa Road, into the central business district (CBD) to Waiyaki Way.

Line two, dubbed Simba, will cover Rongai-Bomas-CBD-Ruiru-Thika and Kenol sections.

Line three (Chui), will run from Tala-Njiru-Dandora-CBD-Showground and Ngong.

The fourth line (Kifaru) will cover Kayole-Mama Lucy-Donholm-CBD-T/Mall-Bomas-Karen-Dagoreti and Kikuyu.

Line five (Nyati) covers Outer Ring.

Source:Business Daily

Hopefully this is not just all talk. And hopefully they will not allow the likes of Forward Travellers, Prime Time, Kenya Mpya etc to run the show


hapo sawa!!

These proposal keep on coming, am even confused what to expect ? Time he Kidero zitulikuwa hapa na the same ?

Hawa watu ni fake dame sana, hii maneno wamekuwa wakiongea since b4 Thika road. Wakati road iko design stage wanasema wataweka, ikifika construction wanasahau kile walikuwa wamesema. Copy paste Outer ring, Ngong Road, na sahii waiyaki way

There is no daring man than a man walking with an erection! ni hayo tu wadau

I guess half the budget ni ya kutransport ‘officials’ to Bogotá to see how the actual thing works

For visual representation . Will be a very good idea but ile kilio watu wa matatu watakuwa nayo . The government should use their own buses in the system and with good management run matatus out of business naturally .

Sasa debt itafika? 100 trillion?

Just get rid of 14/32/46-seaters and require PSVs to have a capacity of at least 80 passengers - a kind of PPP…

Your hate for Jubilee if it could be quantified is bigger than your IQ which already seems low but oh well …

Mtaona bodaboda kwa hizo barabara mshangae.Riders wakiwa wamevalia zile jacket zao zina kaa kama sleeping bags.

Why go to Columbia??? BRT in Dar works very well and our roads are quite similar to the Tznian ones, actually even better because we have the service lines that require a little modification to instal the service.

Ujinga ya hiyo article is the comparison with Bongo. We don’t care.

Matatu Association si walikataa kutoa 14 seater mafala. Hizo zinafaa kuwa za long distance pekee. Local transit should only be high capacity buses. Even Miguna told you…

Was this city tram project launched?


With the kind of thinking in this country we will still be having this discussion in 2052 with MVOA still raising objections

Do you remember trams light trains, the blue prints in the office of planning from sessional no 2 ,Tom Mboya are so many.

And bounce back with tonnes of cocaine from Medellin or Cali

Apart from the Syokimau train that was refurbished, can you believe the Kikuyu, Ruiru and Embakasi commuter trains still use colonial era passenger wagons in 2018?
This country is a disgrace.

all major highways heading to cbd zingefaa kua na train lakini kazi ni kuunda bypass everywhere

Hiyo article haina date, very tricky, it will always be next june