Nairobi Brothels

Today I did a spot check on some of the brothels that talkers keep talking about. This is at 11pm.

I’m a businessman at heart and so I wanted to see how these businesses were doing. Anyway, I went to Rico and Amar, two joints that I’ve visited about 2 years ago and I have to say that they looked deserted…

I didn’t check the others coz I was arrested. A small price to pay for the research. Anyway, the observation led me to think that the economy is on a decline… This is worrying and I think the government should be doing more to support the economy…

I think it’s in a worse state than it’s purported to be… What are your thoughts on this and what are you experiencing as a businessman in this city??

@dan1 why were you arrested?

What would you want the government to do?

Hawa watu wamemaliza hii nchi through graft. Most of the money that’s being stolen to enrich a few could do a lot of things.

It could be used to improve employee salaries, develop our universities, create industries, equip hospitals with the latest medicines, and facilities, and more…

This should be the first change halafu hizo zingine ztafuata…

Wangeanzia hapo. Instead, the government is extremely corrupt at the detriment of it’s citizens.

Nilikua nemeenda kuangalia Tea Room but nkaona mtu najua nkaretreat. Didn’t have time to look at the bar…

Walinidandia nikishavuka barabara… Walidai ati nimeenda kutomba Malaya. Eventually they let me go. I didn’t pay anything…

Soo many cases of such arrests and extortion in CBD. Ngori sana. Kaeni rada wadau

Masaa ya brothel ni 11am to 6pm. Hio time ulienda ni masaa ya wezi

Watu siku hizi wanaingia kwa manyumba before 10 pm. Our body systems adapted time ya curfew.

So kenyas economy should be gauged from brothels performance?

Yeah. If brothels aren’t making money most businesses aren’t making money. If guys ain’t buying puthy they ain’t buying shiet…

It is the oldest trade in the world and among the most basic.

Dunia tambara mbovu

Niko sure hao watu wanadandia watu wako hapa hapa tu wanasoma hizi script alafu wanatungojea huko. Inabidi twende wengi wengi sasa

You were briefly detained and not arrested.

If you were arrested ungeenda mpaka police station and booked.

Huge difference.

Hii kizungu ilikuja na meli… Yaani namaanisha walinisimamisha wakasema “Wewe ametoga gutomba Malaya” Nikasema No. Wakasema sawa fungua pingu wachana na yeye…

Yes monetary trends can be deducted from a professional prostitute…she knows when ships with money are docking in Mombasa…when wheat is harvested in narok,tea bonuses in the respective zones…etc.

A bright student should do a PhD thesis on the influence of commercial sex on the monetary flow trends in Kenya…a case study of njeri,a csw.
Submitted by Lawrence lual malong yor.

Supervisor.david ndii.

SPLA enda kanisani


Am afraid he is right

tRemember the phrase ‘dention without trial’?. Doesn’t detention happen after arrest?