NAIROBI; A City Full Of Contradictions

Nairobi is a very bizarre City. You won’t find a City on the Planet like it and it’s people.It’s the World’s only Capital City close to a National Park. It’s Political elite go to work with a dozen motorcades, one would think they are God. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Netherlands walks to work despite his economy being 10+ times larger

Anyway, imagine waking up on Easter Monday. Broke as hell, it doesn’t help when you read the ‘Headlines’ in the Nation that "TRAFFIC JAMS MAKE NAIROBI WORLD’S SECOND WORST CITY’ so you make Merry one last time before your wallet goes back to the default setting. You go to sleep knowing Nairobi is the worst City in Traffic Jams.

Following that pessimistic news on Monday. You wake up on Tuesday less than 24 hrs later and voila! Nairobi is back in the POSITIVE side of News and the same Daily Newspaper reads ‘NAIROBI RANKED AS LEADING DESTINATION FOR MULTINATIONALS’

Nairobi is like a light Bulb. Today the News is this, the next day it’s the complete opposite. Looks like we lead in everything bad and good haha. Angalia hi picha nini hii?


Leta solutions kelele hazisaidii.

it all depends with storyteller… street vendors enjoy heavy traffic while…

Hii traffic jam mbona haichukui simu.
@Karis yule mastretch marks saidia hii jamaa na akili yako.

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