Naija blood in tha block!!!

Woo-hoo!!! How did i find myself here.
bunch of strangers that can’t make a sentence in full English. why do u guys have to add your language to every sentence. Can’t even comprehend anything.

anyways… y’all be nice and welcome your new friend, a naija born, your sibling from another mother.


Nigger, no one can make a sentence in full English.

Welcome 419 scammer

Bingwa unasumbua…

Nani huyo ananuka jasho hapa?

what is this ehn . Pls be nice and say what I can understand

Ah ah now. Warrriiisssdisss

Unaishi Roysambu ama Pipu?

Male Naija Princess aka Bingwa group of handles… we will not fall for this… cockroach onjiri!!!

hii inakaa ya kona mbaya pale Roy

Awww…my brothers register here as ladies? I’m sorry on their behalf. But I’m a lady, trust me. I was checking internet for some stuffs and saw this. So I decided to join and see how it’s like here. You’re good? We’re good?

monoballer iko shida kiasi,nilisahau password ya handle yangu

Kuna “Forgot Password” boss.

hata hio email nilitumia kuregister haiko

Kini Gbogbo Radarada wonyi sef?

Igbo scammer in the block

Post tits with timestamp or GTFO.

I hope this helps tho