Nahitaji Suggestions za an effective Call Blocking App

all apps i have tried only seem to simply reject/hang up calls. Mostly, the Caller hears a ring then the call is disconnected,making him/her think I rejected the call. has anyone had an alternative the blocks the calls as if the phone was on flight mode or switched off or maybe send it to voicemail? help needed…

Samsung S4 has such an inbuilt feature and it is very effective

Wah,natumia galaxy core prime. Na CyanogenMod ipia mekataa kuingia. I understand its inbuilt feature is very effective as well


Most android phones have the call auto reject option. You don’t need any secondary Auto Reject App. What call block are you talking about?


You can only auto reject a simple call but not messages. The calls don’t go through as you’ve mentioned but a return of “User Busy” tone.

…I have experienced this in any phone running on Android KitKat and onwards.

Alternatively you can block/bar all incoming calls by diverting your calls to +254722555. The callers will always get a response of “we can’t complete the call. Please check the number and try again.”

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Ebu nipee hizo contacts za gotv

The iPhone has the best. Direct to busy signal. Not a single alert.

0711 060 000 or 0711 066 555

When you call select the option of DSthieves then give out your GOtv account.

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Hapa umecheswo na ukaingia mbox ya huyu mujamaa wa FTA

…and you think he can retrace where the call is saved at? Retarded thinking. :frowning: :frowning:

my desire is to be mteja to specific contacts despite my phone being on but available to everyone else

Dawa ya deni ni kulipa


Hakuna ujanja uta block line ngapi? The same person you have blocked can use a different number if suspicious the number is blocked. Ambia mtu atembee na asijisumbue akikupigia simu.

divert all to 0722199199 and call back the important ones

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