Nabii To Mentor Kenyans From Name Calling!

I heard some people calling each other ‘tukunia’, we don’t even know what it means

  • President Ruto

Someone interpret please…

Hii maneno ya “Tuheshimiane” seems to be the common thread… :joy:

Political bickering in the ruling United Democratic Alliance (UDA) seems to be intensifying after both Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen and National Assembly leader Kimani Ichung’wah, both close allies of President William Ruto told off Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua over his rallying call for Mt. Kenya unity and his support for the One Man, One Shilling, One Vote campaign.

Speaking during a church service in Nyeri on Sunday, Murkomen took a swipe at Gachagua and his allies accusing them of advancing selfish political goals at the expense of national unity.

While making his remarks, Murkomen slammed Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga who during the same service told off President William Ruto’s close allies and hinted at the Deputy President’s isolation in the ruling party

“Let Gachagua take his rightful position as Deputy President of all Kenyans, he is not a leader for the Mount Kenya region, he was elected to become a national leader.” He noted.

The CS pleaded with Mount Kenya leaders to let Gachagua work for all Kenyans to help the president unify the country and oversee key development projects.

“Gachagua is no longer concerned with regional politics, let him do his job as tasked by the president.”

Elsewhere, National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichungwah called out those using the community as a ladder to mount their selfish political interests.

“We are being told that everyone in Mount Kenya, including elected leaders, should follow one person to be taken to where he wants. As a leader from Mount Kenya, I will not allow you to insult others,” He reiterated.

“If you want to unite Mount Kenya, you should do so within the Kenya Kwanza government. You shall not hide behind the fame of your community or ethnicity to advance your selfish interests at the nation’s expense,” Ichung’wah posed.

The Majority Leader further urged all leaders to shun away from retreating to tribal cacoons to get ahead in politics.

On Sunday, Kahiga hinted at a possible rift within the ruling Kenya Kwanza alliance. He revealed that Gachagua, during his recent trip to Bomet was denied a Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) chopper.

The governor reminded the current leadership of how President Ruto was allegedly mistreated when he was Deputy President under former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He said if the same tribulations repeat themselves, the people of Mount Kenya will stand with Gachagua.

“I want to say here in front of everyone, we will not allow our son (Gachagua) to go through what Ruto went through in the hands of Uhuru Kenyatta. We will not allow our son to be mistreated. We will not,” Mutahi said.

He insisted that the deputy president was not appointed to his current position, rather he was elected like any other leader and deserved to be respected.

Can Kimani Ichungwa be likeable? His demeanor indicate panic, you dont speak like that from a point of strength. Without people, Ruto will have nothing to do with him in 2027

It’s all bare knuckles now.

Very soon kuna mtu ataumia.