Nabii Graft Purge A Cover To Create Positions For Cattle Rustlers?

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Thought so too

Sasa atajaza Kalengombe kwa hizo slots

I checked kama kuna mkale nkapata ni wakikuyu na kina ONYAngo. Check the replacements , ni kina

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Izo ni plum positions. Za ku plant watu wake wa kumlisha.
Hawa wa sai wana m block ku fanya Circus

Not very comfortable…Is it? :joy:

Then Kamwana shows up to plant a tree…and pray…

“I am no longer scared. We have been threatened and told a lot of things. Each time someone fails in their mandate, they blame the previous government. I am used to the blame and life continues,” he told the enthusiastic congregation.

“I am not a conman. I always tell people I am an Azimio member and that is where I belong. My stand has not changed. You should be a politician with a stand who can always be trusted.”

This scandal is big enough to bring down the government.
Riots now!
In 4 yrs the country will be worse than Haiti.

The Head of State said he plans to jet out of the country tonight to Germany for bilateral talks on securing 200k job opportunities for Kenyans…

First, we went to Colombia and met World Coffee Roasters and we struck deals for the purchase of our coffee. Not a single bean was bought.

NEXT, we went to Belgium where we signed a deal with Java Belgium, to buy coffee directly from our farmers starting with 700 tonnes. Not a single bean was bought.

NEXT, we asked the traditional cartels to come buy our coffee at 150. They smiled cheekily

NEXT, we hosted buyers from across the world, in Nyeri, where they visited farms and factories and “signed” MOUs with farmer representatives to buy coffee. Not a single bean was bought.

Enough is enough. Let’s be told if our coffee is being bought or whether these are just stories of giants and sarakasi

…Wahome Thuku.