Nabii gives Cosa Nostra 300, 000 acres to set up a home

President William Ruto has said the government will allocate Italian Energy firm Eni Spa between 250,000 and 300,000 acres of land in marginal areas to spur investment.
Speaking on Thursday at State House, Nairobi, when he met officials of Eni Spa led by its Director General of Natural Resources Guido Brusco, the president noted that the country is ready to work with organizations that also champion green energy.

Hata yeye anataka wind power yake. Remember the freeze on new IPPs was removed jusi.

Jambasi hoyee.

firweni. Kila mtu ajali ile coin inaingia kwa mfuko yake, mambo zengine tuwache.


Why not give us nuclear energy ?

how many acres were allocated to wind energy company in Turkana ?

the arid and semi-arid Kenya is where the country large scale agriculture potential is, and all these land is slowly but surely been placed under the hands of foreigners.

Eni Spa has big balls. Let us give Nabii a benefit of doubt. Of late, such big balled conglomerates come with a sense of responsibility because they have serious watchdogs.

Eni reported an operating revenue of 76.6 billion euros in 2021, up from 43.99 billion euros the previous year. Eni is an Italian oil and gas company founded in 1953 and considered one of the oil supermajors - the largest public oil and gas companies in the world.

nonsense , we must scrutinise that deal and how we benefit longterm . those italians are the same thieves that stole in ARROR and KIMWARER . those italians are thugs and we all know.

Arid areas wangepea hio 300,000 acres Israeli firms public/private partnership (kama ile ya expressway) wafanye ile magic walifanya Israel ikakuwa exporter of food . fuckkk the Arabs

Kimwarer and Arror were given to a river road briefcase outfit based in the slums of Milan.

Chief investor

Pole. Usikasirike

:D:D:D:D:D obesity iliangusha msito Tony banaeee

After Galana-Kulalu irrigation scheme was brought down by maize cartels Israel walijam mbaya… hawawezi kubali kufanya patnership ingine na sisi.

The Sicilians have done their due diligence, they are here to plant castor oil for energy not food crops

Electricity cartels will sabotage the project as well. lakini wacha tuone tu.

I want to be optimistic on this one. Nabii will also want one or two legacies

Bonobo ni bonobo tuu.

Companies funding war in Africa are quite big.

Shell,a bigger company was the one behind the killing of ken sari wiwa and displacement of thousands of ogoni people in naija

And some people think that GMO will sove this bs

Most of the arid regions remain unutilised. It’s better they be leased away to foreigners

Qatar got 300K hectares on the Tana Delta …

Squatters from Central Province have be settled in the Lake Kenyatta Scheme …

Yet millions of the Coastal Communities are landless …

Time Bomb ticking away … :mad::mad: