Na Si Mafuta Imeyeyuka Haraka

Gathecha looking scrawny. Alipigwa na butwa mafuta yote ikamelt

I thought JSKS is the one steering the country or why is Gatheca’s demeanour a topic of discussion


Billionaire former Head of State anakula retirement perks vipoa after stress za siasa ndio anakukosesha amani na JSKS ndio ako mamlakani?

Retiring is expiring. Imagine being used to being the most important person in the country. Always having people around your, your schedule full and your phone never resting.

All of a sudden, everything is gone. No plans no phone calls, no attention…hapa ndio familia huwa muhimu coz if huna support system, you will grow old and die so quickly.


Baby panya, you are one delusioned mofo

Not everyone enjoys that bullshit. I personally feel great when I get to spend a whole day bila simu yangu kulialia. It’s refreshing!

As u pity the guy hizi ndio anamumunya. Not bad for his age

Njiru akiwa ADC wake ni kitambo

Micymafwi school of journalism. This is obviously an old photo.

Think about your miserable life, dimwit.

Old photo. You can see Njiru and Balala.